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LogicBoxes Partners With Domains.Green to Setup Retail & Wholesale Channels for .green Domains

LogicBoxes, the Vertical Integration Solutions Provider for New gTLDs and ccTLDs, today announced that it has partnered with Domains.green LLC to establish wholesale and retail channels for .green domains; thus helping Domains.green LLC get closer to the global green community and serve it better.

The .GREEN domain namespace is a collective symbol that identifies and supports global internet users who strive to build a greener future. Domains.green LLC is a .Green Community Leader and believes that by using .GREEN, users will spread awareness and more rapidly drive the future of the green movement — from traditional grassroots efforts to companies using the best of new technology to further sustainability. It aims to re-create the experience of registering a domain by creating a place where buying a .green name is simple, information is readily available, and customer service is personal.

LogicBoxes helped Domains.green LLC setup its dedicated, fully-customized retail storefront at www.domains.green — completely equipped with an intelligent shopping cart. LogicBoxes also provided a suite of 12+ high-margin Web Products that help every .GREEN domain owner instantly create a website and setup email hosting for their needs. By working closely with the backend provider, Afilias, all unique provisioning rules were accommodated and the entire solution was delivered in a remarkably short time.

In order to build its reseller channel, Domains.green LLC realized that since many of its partners are from traditional industries with little exposure to domain name industry, it had to go the extra mile to effectively reach out to its community. LogicBoxes' Vertical integration Solutions enabled them to overcome this challenge. LogicBoxes provided Domains.green LLC with a holistic wholesale platform to empower these partners to seamlessly offer .green domains with minimal technical know-how. The wholesale platform allows Domains.green LLC and its partners to build an endless reseller chain equipped with complete localization of language and currency.

Today, about 20% of active .GREEN domain names have been registered via Domains.green LLC's retail channels.

"We were on the lookout for a provider that could enable us to offer .GREEN domains to the community and to onboard domain resellers that would help further our cause," said Alisha Wilson, Co-founder of Domains.green, LLC and its Director of Sales and Operations. "LogicBoxes not only helped us with the technology for vertical integration but also offered us white-labeled end-customer support, vastly helping us save on a range of operational costs and go-live time."

Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Manager of Business Development for LogicBoxes said, "The .GREEN vision is something that we believe in as well. Domains.green LLC is at the forefront of promoting .green domains and we are honored to have provided a solution that helps them fulfill this mission. We look forward to a successful partnership with them in the years to come."

By LogicBoxes, Provider of Technology and Consultancy Solutions to Internet Players Globally – LogicBoxes is a Technology and Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products and Services Industry — including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. Visit Page

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