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TLD Registry and Right of the Dot Establish a Domain Name Industry "Dream Team"

TLD Registry Ltd, the world's leading Internationalized Domain Name "New gTLD" registry, announced a partnership agreement with the influential Internet advising and consulting firm, Right of the Dot, LLC (ROTD).

ROTD is led by successful veteran domain name industry experts, Monte Cahn and Michael Berkens, who will work with TLD Registry as it continues to market and sell its two IDNs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线 ), and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website are the first and only IDNs to be taken on by ROTD.

"Right of the Dot partnered with TLD Registry because of its clear marketplace leadership," Cahn said. "No other IDN registry has come out of the gate as strong as TLD Registry has. The number of domains they've sold so far is impressive."

The partnership between the two respective industry leaders was based on the objective of further developing awareness, investment, and branding opportunities represented by Chinese domains, to a predominantly western audience.

"TLD Registry operates with a solid business model that western markets need to be taking advantage of," Cahn said. "The Asian domain market is one of the fastest growing markets for the domain industry, and we feel there is great opportunity for all investors for these two Chinese IDN extensions."

ROTD focuses its efforts and expertise on consulting businesses and individuals in the Internet and domain name industries through the process of marketing and messaging, as well as expanding the reach of the company's business objectives to eventually maximize profits.

"Monte and Michael are two of the best in the domain industry," said Arto Isokoski, CEO of TLD Registry. "We are excited to partner with them and leverage ROTD's strengths with ours. By adding those unique strengths to our own, we can create an even bigger advantage for our shareholders, investors and registrants."

The partnership agreement was created organically after members of TLD Registry and ROTD both knew of each other's' successes in the domain name industry, and saw potential for maximizing each other's businesses in the western marketplace.

"TLD Registry has a strong relationship with Right of the Dot," said Simon Cousins, CMO of TLD Registry. "We believe that working with them will continue to open the door to many good opportunities in the industry, particularly in the western world."

TLD Registry's next major industry event will be in January 2015, at the NamesCon domain name conference in Las Vegas, hosted at the Tropicana Hotel. TLD Registry is a major sponsor, and will be presenting the world's first, and currently the world's only Chinese Domaining Masterclass.

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