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TLD Registry to Partner with Sedo for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website Premium Domain Names

Leading fully-Chinese internet domain name TLDs to partner with global leader in premium domain name auctions.

TLD Registry Ltd, the leading internet domain name registry for fully-Chinese domain names, today announced it has contracted with Sedo for its upcoming premium domain names program.

Valuable and sought-after fully-Chinese domain names in the Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains (TLDs) will become publicly available via Sedo on the opening day of the Landrush period, set to occur on Thursday March 20, 2014.

Expressions of interest for premium domain names and portfolios of domain names are invited from today. TLD Registry's chairman, Taneli Tikka said, "There has been strong interest in premium domain names in the essential new Chinese TLDs, Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website, since we announced our program in Beijing in April this year. We invite brands, businesses and investors to consider how they might benefit from our valuable fully-Chinese domain names, and to contact our brokerage partner Sedo to discuss their options."

The registry's CEO, Arto Isokoski added, "While ICANN rules forbid firm contracting of any domain names prior to the Landrush period, we urge interested parties to contact Sedo to explore once-in-a-lifetime branding, business and investment opportunities."

TLD Registry's CMO, Simon Cousins said, "Our approach to our premium domain names program is as innovative as our go-live program and our foundation partners program. I think that the domain name and digital marketing industries will be startled and excited by the uniquely different way we've constructed our premium names program."

"Non-English-language generic TLDs are brand new to the internet" said Sedo CEO, Tobias Flaitz. "With Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website in particular, there are thousands of multi-national companies looking to tap into the booming Chinese economy, not to mention the businesses operating in Chinatown sections of nearly every major city around the world. By using these new domain names, companies gain instant credibility within Chinese markets and show a respect for the local language and culture. With Sedo's global presence and expertise, we can help make sure these new domains get into the hands of the right people."

Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will join the internet on Friday January 17, with a "trademark-owners only" Sunrise period, concluding on Monday March 17. Both the start and end days of Sunrise fall on highly auspicious days for "starting new businesses" in the ancient Chinese almanac.

Premium domain names will become publicly tradable on the global Sedo platform on the first day of the Landrush period, Thursday March 20, which is an auspicious day for "breaking ground". As the introduction of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website is analogous to the opening of valuable new tracts of internet real estate in the Chinese-speaking world, launching Landrush on a lucky day for breaking ground is highly resonant in the China region.

A hybrid live and internet auction of some of the most valuable and sought-after domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will be held in Macau one day later, on Friday 21 March.

The Landrush period will run conclude on Thursday April 24, with general availability of domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website opening on Monday 28 April, 2014 (a highly auspicious date for "starting new businesses" and "grand openings").

Minor changes to the go-live schedule may be required by ICANN, however TLD Registry is confident that the milestones will be achieved on the set dates. Global internet domain name infrastructure provider Afilias is responsible for the technical integrity of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.

Informational microsites on the Sedo global platform are now live: for Dot Chinese Online in English, please visit http://www.sedo.com/us/new-gtlds/dot-chinese-online-gtld/ or follow the Chinese link on that page for the Mandarin version. For Dot Chinese Website in English, please visit http://www.sedo.com/us/new-gtlds/dot-chinese-website-gtld/ or follow the Chinese link on that page for the Mandarin version.

About TLD Registry Ltd

TLD Registry Ltd is a trans-national internet domain name registry which holds the exclusive rights to manage the essential new Chinese internet top level domains Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). TLD Registry Ltd was founded by Finnish internet entrepreneurs, is incorporated in Ireland, and employs expert personnel and domain name industry veterans in Beijing, Hong Kong, Helsinki, New York City, Austin and Oslo. TLD Registry's principal investor is Finland's Vision+ Fund in addition to business angels. More information about TLD Registry, Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website can be found at http://internetregistry.info

Media enquiries

In English: Simon Cousins, CMO, simon.cousins@internetregistry.info, +1 347 850-3360

In Mandarin Chinese: Lillian Zhang, Senior Marketing Manager, lillian.zhang@internetregistry.info, +1 718 300-4017

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website

About Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website – Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) are the essential new Chinese TLDs. Visit Page

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