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Go-Live Schedule for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website TLDs Announced

Leading fully-Chinese internet domain name TLDs to launch in January 2014; spectacular live auction event to initiate "Landrush" phase of availability.

TLD Registry Ltd, the leading internet domain name registry for fully-Chinese domain names, today announced the go-live schedule for its Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website internationalized domain names (IDNs).

IDNs in the Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains (TLDs) will be introduced to the global internet according to ICANN rules, beginning on January 17, 2014. ICANN is the world's governing body for domain names.

Having passed ICANN's final test for technical integrity — known as pre-delegation testing — on November 28, the path is now clear for the registry to reliably announce milestone dates.

The "trademark-owners only" Sunrise period will commence on Friday January 17, and run for 60 days, concluding on Monday March 17. Both the start and end days of Sunrise fall on highly auspicious days for "starting new businesses" in the ancient Chinese almanac. The Chinese almanac was created during the Han Dynasty around 200BC, and continues to be an important guide to the lives and businesses of more than a billion Chinese people. The conclusion of the Sunrise period will be marked with a traditional ceremony in China's capital, Beijing, on March 17.

Following a two-day quiet period, the second stage of domain name availability — the Landrush period — will begin on Thursday March 20, which is an auspicious day for "breaking ground". As the introduction of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website is analogous to the opening of valuable new tracts of internet real estate in the Chinese-speaking world, starting Landrush on a lucky day for breaking ground is highly resonant in the China region. The Landrush period will be launched with a traditional ceremony and vibrant celebration in China's Macau on March 20.

A hybrid live and internet auction of some of the most valuable and sought-after domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will be held in Macau one day later, on Friday 21 March.

The Landrush period will run through the weeklong ICANN meeting in Singapore (March 23 — 27) and China's Qing Ming festival (April 4 — 6) and conclude on Thursday April 24. A three-day quiet period will immediately follow.

General availability of domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website will begin on Monday 28 April, 2014 (a highly auspicious date for "starting new businesses" and "grand openings").

Minor changes to the go-live schedule may be required by ICANN, however TLD Registry is confident that the milestones will be achieved on the set dates.

Media enquiries

In English: Simon Cousins, CMO, simon.cousins@internetregistry.info, +1 347 850-3360
In Mandarin Chinese: Lillian Zhang, Senior Marketing Manager, lillian.zhang@internetregistry.info, +1 718 300-4017

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website

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