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LogicBoxes Announces Elite Reseller Program for Large Web Hosts and Resellers

LogicBoxes, the premier technology and consulting company for Domain Registries, Registrars and large Web Hosts, today announced the launch of their Elite Reseller Program, a competitive offering designed exclusively for large domain and hosting companies. It features a unique base-cost pricing model for domain names, a comprehensive service offering that includes personalized business consulting, new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) strategy assistance and exclusive support solutions.

As part of the program, Elite Partners can manage their entire domains portfolio and new registrations in existing popular gTLDs (including .com & .net) at Registry base — cost, an industry — first. This means that there will be no markup on the Registry pricing, resulting in significant savings for Partners. Speaking about the program, Sr. Sales Manager, Siddharth Taliyan said, "We are extremely excited to be rolling out this unique and innovative offering, geared towards helping large domain companies achieve maximum growth from New gTLDs. Rather than focusing on profits, we want to gain market share. So, our revenue consideration will be from allied channels and New gTLD volumes which we will offer to our Elite Partners at the most competitive prices in the industry."

LogicBoxes has over 10 years of experience in serving large ICANN Registrars and Registries. This is the first time ever that they have introduced a reseller offering. The program is unique in a way that it is 'invite-only', open to the Top 100 domains companies in the world, and the business requirements of these companies are not much different from those of large Registrars. Every Elite Partner is offered a custom experience across the board through dedicated and highly experienced Partner Managers, both from the business and technical divisions. Partners will benefit from reliable strategic inputs, enabling them to take decisions that work for their business and customers. Siddharth goes on to add, "Elite Partners will much appreciate the high level of attention, strategic assistance and personalized support. New gTLDs could be the Internet boom all over again and our offering will enable our Partners to be prepared!"

LogicBoxes' domains distribution and business automation platform is one of the most comprehensive platforms in the industry today. With their 100+ strong in-house development team, LogicBoxes plans to integrate with every new gTLD giving their Partners an edge in the market.

The program is initially being rolled out to a select set of large companies from the United States. LogicBoxes plans to launch the program in other countries including UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy shortly after the initial rollout. Qualifying companies will receive a personal invite to participate in the program. LogicBoxes also has an enquiry form where companies can express their interest to participate. For more details, please visit: http://elite.logicboxes.com

LogicBoxes will be conducting a webinar on December 11th, 2013 to discuss the New gTLD opportunities for large Web Hosts, and to present the Elite Reseller Program.

By LogicBoxes, Provider of Technology and Consultancy Solutions to Internet Players Globally – LogicBoxes is a Technology and Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products and Services Industry — including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. Visit Page

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