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.PW General Availability Opens With More Than 4000 Orders in 30 Minutes

The .PW Registry today announced the general availability of .PW domain names, which will enable anyone from anywhere to establish their professional presence online. The newest TLD on the block has fast gained worldwide acceptance with over 110 active registrars signing up from 32 countries to offer .PW domain names to customers.

Launched as the Professional Web at the ICANN Meeting in Toronto, .PW is a new namespace operated by the Directi Group and is meant for professionals around the world looking for first-choice domain names to establish their online identity at an affordable price point. The Registry received more than 4000 orders within 30 minutes of the General Availability launch.

"The internet space is getting cramped with thousands of new users going online every day. Distinguishing your online identity from this crowd is getting harder. With com, net, org and other major TLDs running out of quality domain names, .PW provides customers with short, generic and first-choice domain names to stand out from the rest of the crowd", said Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO of the Directi Group.

The extended Sunrise period saw many Fortune 500 brands like Apple, Pfizer, Volkswagen and Nokia securing their trademarks in the .PW namespace. Similarly, the Landrush phase attracted a lot of interests from domainers with more than 8000 quality names being released from the reserve list.

"We thank all our Registrar partners for the support, as .PW is now available to more than 25 million customers worldwide through them", added Mr. Turakhia.

.PW domain names can only be registered via their list of accredited registrars which includes industry stalwarts such as eNom, Network Solutions, Register.com, InterNetX, Key-Systems, Name.com, ResellerClub, Domain Monster and many more.


About Radix – Started in 2012, Radix is one of the world's leading nTLD portfolio registries. Radix is part of the Directi Group, which is currently valued at $1.4 billion. Through several years of active bidding, Radix has won the global and exclusive rights to 9 new internet domain extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, and .FUN; as well as 1 re-purposed ccTLD, .PW. Radix's annual revenue for the calendar year 2017 was over $12 mn. Visit Page


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