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SPECIAL: Updates from the ICANN Meetings in Toronto

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CircleID in collaboration with the team from Dyn Inc. and ICANN Wiki bring you video blogs and updates from the 45th ICANN meeting in Toronto, Canada (14-18 October 2012).

Stay tuned as we keep this page updated through out the meetings.

Comments and questions? Please post them below in the comment section of the page or send us an email.

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Update / Oct 25, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Jeff Neuman, VP of Business Affairs at Neustar, about his role, what new gTLD applicants should think about, thoughts about the process moving too fast, and what takeaways he had coming out of the public forum.

Update / Oct 22, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Alan Sullivan, Founder of Sully Consulting, about what they do, the demand for IPv4 addresses, forward momentum of IPv6.

Update / Oct 22, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Andrew Sullivan, Director of Labs at Dyn, about what he's been tracking at ICANN, the new gTLD program, and the engagement level of the technical community in ICANN.

Update / Oct 22, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with James Bladel, Senior Director of ICANN Policy Planning at GoDaddy, about his role, what happened at the registrars stakeholders meeting, and what types of new TLDs they are looking to pick up.

Update / Oct 18, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Tom Daly, Chief Scientist at Dyn, about Dyns history, his involvement as one of its original founders and its organizational infrastructure.

Update / Oct 18, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry, about what they are doing at ICM, how they will be handling new gTLDs along with .xxx

Update / Oct 18, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Sandeep Ramchandani, Director of Strategic Partnership at Directi, about who Directi is, what he does there, his involvement in Professional Web and what it is.

Update / Oct 18, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Matthew Zook, CEO of ZookNic, about who Zooknic is, his dual career as a professor, and how the cloud is really on the ground.

Update / Oct 17, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Annalisa, Founder of DotGreen, about who DotGreen is, what they do, and how they can save the world. They also discuss the implications and process of the ICANN Auction.

Update / Oct 17, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with RIch Peterson, staff attorney at Dyn, about what he is doing in Toronto about the new gTLDs, RAA negotiation issues, and what he feels is best in regards to the whois verification process.

Update / Oct 17, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Reg Levy, Director of Legal Affairs at Minds + Machines, about take aways from the NTAG meeting, thoughts on trademark clearing house.

Update / Oct 17, 2012 — Ray King of ICANN Wiki speaks with Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca, about insights learned as a registrar providing alternative TLDs, and some new services they are bringing to the community.

Brought to you in partnership with Dyn Inc and ICANN Wiki. Please add your feedback and suggestions using the comment form provided on this page or contact us directly.

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