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IPAM and DHCPv6 Shake Hand in Nixu NameSurfer 7.1 Series

Nixu NameSurfer® Suite – Latest 7.1.1 version introduces a centralized reporting tool for DDI, a number of IPAM enhancements. (Click to Enlarge)Nixu Software has today made a new intermediate release of Nixu NameSurfer® Suite, the flagship DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management solution. The latest 7.1.1 version introduces a centralized reporting tool for DDI, a number of IPAM enhancements including integration between IPv6 blocks and Nixu DHCP Server instances running in DHCPv6 mode, and a newly designed external authentication mechanism supporting LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS.

"The latest version of Nixu NameSurfer expands the dashboard we introduced in Nixu NameSurfer 7 Series into a global DDI toolset" said Juha Holkkola, the Managing Director of Nixu Software. "The design principle behind the global DDI toolset is to provide network administrators and managers with a set of interactive tools that can be used to monitor and manage the entire DDI environment from a single screen."

A high percentage of enterprise and carrier customers still base their IPAM reporting on static Excel spreadsheets. The new reporting tool included in Nixu NameSurfer Suite 7.1 series provides a set of reports that can be exported in pdf format facilitating the viewing, sharing and storing of DDI-related information offline. To support legacy reporting methods, also csv exports continue to be supported.

The native integration between IPv6 blocks managed in Nixu NameSurfer IPAM and Nixu DHCP Servers running in DHCPv6 mode marks another pioneering step by Nixu Software in supporting and encouraging IPv6 connectivity. Thanks to this functionality, the IP Address Management processes for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks can be aligned and carried out transparently from a centralized IPAM solution.

"Having first introduced support for dual-stack DNS environments as early as 2004, we have been watching the dual-stack networking scene closely for more than five years. As we are now seeing an increasing number of IPv6 — enabled network environments going live, we felt this is a perfect time to add the last part to the IPv6 DDI puzzle" added Juha Holkkola.

Find out more about Nixu NameSurfer Suite and download a free evaluation.

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