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U.K. Law Firm Selects NeuStar's Managed Internal DNS Service

NeuStar announced today that TWM Solicitors LLP, a law firm with offices throughout the southeast of England, has selected NeuStar's Managed Internal Domain Name Systems (DNS) service with integrated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to improve the performance, reliability and manageability of its internal network.

By utilizing NeuStar's Managed Internal DNS service, TWM has been able to replace its internally maintained and supported DNS/DHCP environment with NeuStar's advanced infrastructure. TWM maintains administrative control via the NeuStar Management Portal, an intuitive Web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

"Switching to the NeuStar Managed Internal DNS service has simplified our internal environment and has allowed us to focus our technical resources on other priorities," said Alan Barrett, Head of IT at TWM Solicitors. "All DNS/DHCP hardware replacement and software patching is provided by NeuStar, as well as 24/7 service monitoring and support."

NeuStar's Managed Internal DNS service leverages its Directory Services Platform to deliver highly secure and massively scalable DNS/DHCP data management capabilities, while NeuStar's high-availability Directory Gateway appliances — deployed within the enterprise network — provide local DNS/DHCP resolution with minimum latency. In addition, the usage-based pricing model ensures enterprises only pay for the capacity they need today rather than invest heavily in the capacity they will need for the next two to three years, as is commonly required with competing hardware- and software-based solutions.

"Our unique managed service approach to internal DNS/DHCP resonates with enterprises that recognize the need to fundamentally change the way their IT infrastructures are provisioned, given the critical nature of the applications DNS now supports," said Ben Petro, senior vice president of NeuStar Ultra Services. "We are pleased that a firm like TWM, with over 200 years of history, is looking to NeuStar to support its growing requirements."


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