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Domain Name Registrars Ask ICANN for a "Moratorium" on Its New GDPR Policy

ICANN Releases Temporary WHOIS Specification Plan for GDPR Compliance With Deadline Two Weeks Away

ICANN Files Legal Action Against Domain Registrar for Refusal to Collect WHOIS Data

Kaspersky Lab Software Too Deeply Embedded in US Gov Network, Impossible to Get Rid Off by October

Newly Discovered Malware Called VPNFilter is Targeting at Least 500K Networking Devices Worldwide

Major US Telcos Selling Customer Location Information to Third Party Companies, Reports Krebs

EU Considers Integrating New Norms of Cyberwar Into Security Policies

A Short-Term Suspension of GDPR Enforcement on WHOIS May Be Necessary, Says U.S. Government

Department of Homeland Security Issues More Warnings on Security Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices

New Type of DDoS Attack Targets Vulnerability in Universal Plug and Play Networking Protocol

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