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Don Blumenthal is Senior Policy Advisor to the Public Interest Registry, concentrating on security and stability, accountability and transparency, and abuse and other law enforcement related issues. In that role, he is a member of the ICANN Domain Security and Stability Analysis Working Group and the Whois Survey Drafting Team. He also is an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan School of Information and Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, teaching courses on information policy, enterprise security planning, contemporary privacy issues, and cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Prior to moving to Ann Arbor, Don was at headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission, where his last assignment was to create and manage the Internet Lab, the agency's Internet investigations center. In addition, he provided legal and technical expertise for security and privacy investigations and policy initiatives. Prior to the Internet Lab, Don worked in central IT and as a trial attorney. His career also includes time with another agency, in private practice, and on Capitol Hill.

Don is a frequent speaker on the topics of information security and privacy and has provided testimony for the U.S. and Australian governments in online fraud prosecutions. He also has been a major contributor to American Bar Association privacy, security, and cybercrime publications, as well as to the ITU Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation, the Cloud Security Alliance's Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing, and the 2011 Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design & Construction prepared for the Transportation Security Administration.

Don was the recipient of numerous awards at the FTC, including the Award for Distinguished Service in 2006. He holds a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.A. from Oberlin College, and a Certificate in Systems and Project Management from American University. In his alternate universe, Don serves as a part-time scout for the Oakland Raiders.

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