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Frank Michlick

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Internet Specialist with 20 years of business & technology experience. Pays attention to details while keeping the big picture in mind. Proven ability to quickly adapt and develop expertise in new technology. Solid understanding of the ISP, hosting and domain name registration businesses. A true believer in the “Participation Age” and Open Source Development. Works with domainers, registrars, and registries.

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Domain Ads Generating Twice the Conversion Rate of Search Ads

A case study by Efficient Frontier mentions how using the Google Adsense for Domains network doubled the conversion ratio of search ads for their clients. According to their website, "Efficient Frontier manages more than $400 million in annual PPC spend under management, counts 80 of the top 500 search advertisers as clients and manages over 30 million keywords"... "When we analyzed the results, we were shocked. We didn't expect to see that domain park sites can bring in the quality of traffic necessary..." more»

Are Click Fraud Numbers Being Exaggerated by the Traditional Media?

As you certainly noticed, a lot of traditional media has recently been focusing on click fraud. Is it as big of an issue as it is made out to be, compared to traditional advertising? Unfortunately Eytan Elbaz of Google will not answer this question with statistics, but he lets us know that Google has the problem under control. Here are some notes based on the Click Fraud Session at the Targeted Traffic Conference in Hollywood, Florida last week. more»

How Domain Name Traffic Testing/Tasting Works

Starting from an old article (dated July 21st, 2005) published at Computer Business Review, (and following a more recent entry on GoDaddy's Bob Parson's blog) I would like to touch a bit more on the topic of 'traffic testing' or 'traffic tasting' of domains. This topic has been discussed at ICANN meetings since last year and is also referred to by the name of 'add/delete' or 'add/drop' storms... more»