Christopher Rence

Christopher Rence

Chief Information and Risk Officer at Digital River
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In his role as Digital River’s chief information and risk officer, Christopher Rence leads the company’s information technology (IT) organization. With more than 20 years of IT-related experience, he brings a wealth of technical and systems expertise to the position at Digital River. As chief information officer, Christopher is charged with transforming Digital River’s global enterprise IT architecture, tools, security, quality, governance, compliance and facilities. Christopher and his international team of technology specialists oversee eight global data centers and a security strategy that positively impacts the operations of tens of thousands of ecommerce stores worldwide. Digital River’s triple redundant systems serve 60 million web pages and handle more than 300,000 orders on a daily basis.

Prior to joining Digital River, Christopher served as vice president, chief information and business transformation officer at FICO. In this role, he was responsible for global enterprise ASP operations, business applications, technical infrastructure, corporate security, operational audit and contract management. Prior to joining FICO, Christopher was a part of the partnership with Accenture. During his 12 year tenure there, he held a number of roles that included development, ERP systems, technical infrastructure and engineering, data center engineering and global solution office and center construction.

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