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Iris Rigter

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I am a Communication Advisor at, one of the biggest structured databases on websites and domains. At we currently index over 300 million domains worldwide, and collect data on these domains regarding company information, technical aspects, hosting properties, eCommerce details and much more. Through our database clients can easily access this data, select the information they need and extract anything they want to use. Our data is being used for lead generation, market research, customer intelligence and online brand protection.

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Recalling 2017: The Year in Domain Data

It is safe to say that 2017 was a turbulent year in more ways than one. There was the ongoing clash between WHOIS information and user privacy, the hope that top-level domains would finally take off and multiple hacks of large corporations that reignited talks about cybersecurity. While many of these topics are essential and will likely resurface again in the coming year, it is also important to look back at 2017 through unambiguous data. more

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Recalling 2017: The Year in Domain Data