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Ryan Baker

Advisor, Professional Services at Neustar Inc.
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Ryan Baker is an Industry Consultant for Neustar, where he provides highly specialised technical and policy support to clients.

Having been involved with the development and rollout of new Top-Level Domains from the beginning, Ryan offers clients a valuable source of knowledge on every facet of the program. His technical prowess and intricate understanding of the program has seen Ryan become a highly knowledgeable advisor to our clients who seek to develop business plans that ensure they achieve a suitable and appropriate return on investment.

Ryan's acumen for strategic consulting is best demonstrated through his achievements during the new Top-Level Domain application period. Throughout 2011 and 2012, Ryan was an integral member of the team that prepared 42 applications. His guidance and industry counsel were pivotal in developing both the application framework and individual applicant business models, while his technical expertise on Registry systems helped our clients receive some of the highest marks possible on the technical components of their applications.

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