Tom McGarry

Tom McGarry

VP of Research at Neustar Labs
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Mr. McGarry is responsible for representing the company on technology-related initiatives, drives the development of industry standards for Internet technologies, and is a subject matter expert on naming and addressing, and communications and Internet technologies. Prior to joining Neustar in 1998, Mr. McGarry held several supervisory roles at NYNEX and Geotek in network and strategic planning for both mobile and landline networks.

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Now that we're 20 years past TN 2.0, well into the 21st century, and onto the 3rd generation of the web; it is about time we move telephone numbers into the Internet age. They are still managed as if they all connect to four copper wires. We manage to the lowest common denominator rather than acknowledging the power of mobility and Internet technology. more

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Moving Telephone Numbers Into the Internet Age