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TFBW has a PhD from Macquarie University (Sydney), with a thesis entitled "Network Protocol Design with Machiavellian Robustness", but works day-to-day as a humble Perl developer. Aside from Internet technologies and computer science in general, his primary interest is philosophy (as the art of reasoned analysis, argument, and clear thinking).

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How the Internet Can Be Enormously Accelerated Without Fiber-Optic Cables or LEO Satellites

Internet Economics

Stop Using the Term "Open Internet"

A Less Than Candid PP-2018 OTT Resolution

Over the Top Services at the ITU PP-2018: Considering the Pittsburgh Massacre

Amid Shutdown, Claims Free Speech Infringement While Many Others View Them as Hate Site

GDPR PII Time-Bomb? Kill it With Fire!

Humming an Open Internet Demise in London?

Weaponizing the Internet Using the "End-to-end Principle" Myth

The Criminals Behind WannaCry

Jakarta Declaration Calls on Governments to Recognize Legitimacy of Encryption

Sorry, Not Sorry: WHOIS Data Must Remain Public

And the Wait Continues for .Corp, .Home and .Mail Applicants

A Real-Names Domain Registration Policy Would Discourage Political Lying

The Internet Needs a Security and Performance Upgrade

Substantial DDoS Attack Disrupts Twitter, Netflix, Visa and other Major Sites

IETF's Descent Into the Political Rabbit Hole

Can We Stop IP Spoofing? A New Whitepaper Explores the Issues

The .DOCTOR Quarantine

Researcher Propose Faster, Safer Internet by Abandoning TCP/IP Protocol

Anti-Spoofing, BCP 38, and the Tragedy of the Commons

Net Neutrality? Give Me a Break

Snowshoe Spam: What It Is, and How Not to Look Like You Send It

Extreme Vulnerability at the Edge of the Internet - A Fresh New Universal Human-Rights Problem

Domain Name Registrar Allows Completely Blank WHOIS

A Question of DNS Protocols

Chromecast Set to Revolutionise the TV

IPv6: SAVA, Ca va pas?

Google: Not All ccTLD's Are Created Equally in Generic Search Rankings

30 Years Ago Today, the Switch to TCP/IP Launched Today's Internet

The Evolution of the ITU's Views on Internet Governance (2006-2012)

Microsoft's Takedown of - A Gigantic Self Goal?

Cyber Criminals Infiltrate Even Small Businesses

Occam's ITRs

The ICANN Hunger Games

Google Launches Storage Service, "Drive"

Fake Bank Site, Fake Registrar

Most Abusive Domain Registrations are Preventable

Phish or Fair?

IP Address Reputation Primer

Implications of Canada's CASL - Toughest Anti-Spam Law the World Has Ever Seen

Greylisting Still Works - Part II

Why Brands Need Their Own TLD - The Mulberry-Sale Site that Scammed Me

IPv6 Transitional Uncertainties

FttH Is Not About High-Speed Internet Access - It Is About the Internet of Things

Alignment of Interests in DNS Blocking

Will Anyone Qualify As a Community TLD?

EFF: Government Domain Name Seizures Violate First Amendment

DHCP for IPv4 vs. IPv6 - What You Need to Know

A True Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem? vs. a New TLD: What's a Brand to Do?

Password Policies Need to Be the Same if We Want Users to Take Our Advice

Defending Against the Hackers of 1995

Real. Or. Phish?

On Mandated Content Blocking in the Domain Name System

No False-Starts, Do-Overs, or Mulligans for Email

Foreign Hackers Attack Canadian Government

Big Business Has Been Using the New TLD Concept for Years

Spam Volumes In 2010

Has the FCC Created a Stone Too Heavy for It to Lift?

Open Internet and Democratic Principles Under Attack

Two Years Later Dozens of Registrars Still in the Shadows

The Internet Monopolies?

Broadband Challenge Isn't About Plumbing

Why App Stores Won't Survive

ARF is Now an IETF Standard

DNSSEC vs DDoS Protection: Is It Really a Choice?

Policy Failure Enables Mass Malware: Part I (Rx-Partners/VIPMEDS)

Could .NAME be the Killer App ENUM is Waiting For?

Silvia Hagen: It's Not About IPv6 Transition But Urgent Integration

ARF is Now an IETF Standard

Protection of Intellectual Property: The Core of the Net Neutrality Debate

Three Things Registrars Must Do to Enhance Security

Taking Back the DNS

Cyberwar vs No Cyberwar

Taking Back the DNS

DNSSEC Happy Talk Enters a New Era

The [Dot]Brand Tribes - Part 3

The Sad State of WHOIS, and Why Criminals Love It

Is Australia a Hot-Bed of Zombie Activity?

The Greatest Free Riders of Our Time

Google Puts Its Foot Down

Google and China: Some General Thoughts

Google Puts Its Foot Down

How Do You Do Secure Bank Transactions on the Internet?

The Tempest in the TLD Teapot

How Do You Do Secure Bank Transactions on the Internet?

The Tempest in the TLD Teapot

Net Neutrality in the US Under Fire

An Authenticated Internet

ITU Putting Global Cyber Security on Top of Its Agenda

An Authenticated Internet

Securing a Domain: SSL vs. DNSSEC

An Authenticated Internet

Sender Address Verification: Still a Bad Idea

An Authenticated Internet

The Chinese Domain Name Bubble Bursts

New Analysis Suggests Recent Cyberattacks Against US and South Korea Originated from UK Not N. Korea

Turn the Table on Content Filtering

The Browser Is the OS (Thanks to Firefox 3.5, Chrome 2, Safari 4)

Extending the JPA is the Right Thing to Do

How is ICANN Spending Your Money?

IPv6 and LTE, the Not So Long Term Evolution?

Why DNS Is Broken, Part 2: DoS Target

Obama's Missed Opportunity

DPI is Not a Four-Letter Word!

What ICANN Participants Have in Common with (and Could Learn from) Quakers

Yellow Parking Violation Fliers on Windshields Get Drivers to Visit Malicious Website

Law Requiring Sex Offenders to Hand Over All Internet Passwords Going Too Far?

The Problem With HTTPS SSL Runs Deeper Than MD5

One Good Outcome from the Wall Street Journal: Google Flap

What If I Were Wrong About Edge-Caching?

Eugene Kaspersky: We Need Interpol for Internet, Law Enforcement Agencies Have Jurisdictional Limits

The Path Towards Centralization of Internet Governance Under UN: Part 3

Old New Telco Thinking

Expansion of Top-Level Domain Names: Why Current Brand Protection Procedures Will Be Impractical

The Root of All Email

GNU Founder Richard Stallman Warns Against Cloud Computing

Net Neutrality an 'American Problem', Australians Suggest Alternatives

Comcast is Right, the FCC is Wrong

Comcast's Network Management Practices: A Brief Analysis

IGF Meeting Blacklisted

Soon in a Mail Box Near You: Internationalized Email Addresses

Hunting Unicorns: Myths and Realities of the Net Neutrality Debate

Google's Cerf Offers Alternate Strategy to Metered Broadband Billing

Another Wrong-Headed WSJ Editorial

Possible First Attacks on DNS Flaw Have Been Reported

No Fines for Comcast

Shouting 'Bug' on a Crowded Internet...

No Fines for Comcast

Potential Danger Ahead for Registrants: dot-info Abusive Domain Use Policy

Domain Registrars Releasing Suspended Domains to Attackers

CIRA Creates Backdoor WHOIS Exceptions for Police and IP Owners

Microsoft's Contribution Was TCP/IP

Don't Register Your Domain in the U.S. if it's Controversial

IPv6 in Slovak Academic Network

IPv6: Do as I Say or Do as I Do?

Up to 300 Megawatt Worth of Keepalive Messages to be Saved by IPv6?

DNSSEC: Once More, With Feeling!

68,000 Open Recursive DNS Servers Behaving Maliciously; "This is a crime with few witnesses"

In Praise of Relatively Dumb Pipes

An Internet Security Operations Viewpoint of IGF

ICANN CEO: "High Politics" Fueling IGF Debates


Getting Rid of Whois

Are Domain Name Portfolios Actually Worth What They Are Touted to Be?

If WHOIS Privacy is a Good Idea, Why is it Going Nowhere?

How Spammers Get Around SPF

Defending Networks Against DNS Rebinding Attacks

Phishers Now Targeting Domain Registrars

Commentary on the FTC Spam Summit

CADNA Launches National Campaign Against Typosquatting

Researchers Explore Redesigning Internet Infrastructure from Scratch

Splitting the Root: It's Too Late

Putting Some Circuit Breakers Into DNS to Protect The Net

ICANN Asked to Adopt Specific TLD for Banks

Recent COPA Ruling Shedding Light on Usefulness of XXX as Voluntary Self Regulatory Vehicle?

The Real Problem with dot-XXX

An Alternative to .XXX: IANA Adult Port Assignments

The Real Problem with dot-XXX

Are We Slowly Losing Control of the Internet?

The Fragile Network

Attack Seriously Slows Two Internet Root Servers

Are Domain Name Registrars Free-Speech Friendly?

Google's Top-10 Search Terms Dominated By Trademarks

Map of the Internet: The IPv4 Space of 2006

Huge Increase in Spam in October Email

More than 99% of Email is Spam?

Release of IE7, Firefox 2.0 Will Drive Significant IDN Demand

ICANN Board to Vote on Domain Tasting Measure

Spamming the News Cycle: Spamhaus Non-Story Goes Viral

Another View of the New ICANN-DoC Agreement

ICANN and the DOC

.MS: Alternate Root and Monoculture as Good Things

Tiered (Variable) Pricing Compromise?

EarthLink Criticized for Redirecting Nonexistent Domains

IPv6: Extinction, Evolution or Revolution?

Tiered (Variable) Pricing Compromise?

Why We Need to Find Solutions on Internet Governance As Soon As Possible

Conflict of Opinion

Domain Tasting Target of US Federal Cybersquatting Lawsuit

.XXX and Conservative Groups

Why ICANN Nominating Committee Has Difficulty Finding Directors

.XXX and Conservative Groups

ICANN Rejects Dot XXX Top-Level Domain Name Agreement

Internet Agency Weighs '.tel' Top-Level Domain

New Code of Practice to Combat Spam

Report on DNS Amplification Attacks

China's MII Publishes New Email Regulations

The Future of Some Email May Not Use Email

China's New Domain Names: Lost in Translation

A Day Which Will Live in Infamy: ICANN Board Approves VeriSign Settlement

China's New Domain Names: Lost in Translation

Hypertext Mail Protocol (a.k.a. Stub Email): A Proposal

Internet Governance: An Antispam Perspective

Questioning "Net Neutrality"

AOL and Goodmail: Two Steps Back for Email

Ask Vint Cerf: The Road Ahead for Top-Level Domains

Europe is to the US Controlled GPS as Europe is to the US Controlled DNS Root?

What's in a Name?

Europe is to the US Controlled GPS as Europe is to the US Controlled DNS Root?

What's Wrong with Domain Names?

VeriSign-ICANN Proposed Settlement Discussed in Vancouver

WSIS and the Splitting of the Root

Would the Real Network Neutrality Please Stand Up?

WSIS and the Splitting of the Root

Facing the Facts on Internet Governance

Questioning the Illusion of Internet Governance

Nom-Com Appoints Independent and Diverse Candidates to ICANN Leadership Positions

You Paid to Join; You Can Leave Anytime

VeriSign and ICANN Settle Lawsuit

Forgotten Principles of Internet Governance

Breaking the Internet HOWTO

If It's About to Break, Fix It!

Sitefinder Writ Small

.XXX as Proposed is Wrong for Families & Kids

Criticism of Trademark Owner Deemed Legitimate Interest under ICANN UDRP

So You Think You're Safe from DNS Cache Poisoning?

About Those Root Servers

We Hate Spam Except, Of Course, When It's Inconvenient to Do So

Twenty Myths and Truths About IPv6 and the US IPv6 Transition

Hope for Human Resources with .Jobs Domain

An Infrastructure TLD: Avoiding the Side Effects of Today's .Net

Phish-Proofing URLs in Email?

Study Finds Spammers Use P2P Harvesting to Spam Millions

Port 25 Blocking, or Fix SMTP and Leave Port 25 Alone for the Sake of Spam?

Shambles at the .Pro Registry

Protecting the Internet: Certified Attachments and Reverse Firewalls?

Person to Person Security and Privacy Infringement

Engineers on TLDs: Do You Want Me With Fries?

Cornucopia: A Radically Different Approach to TLDs

Thoughts on IPv6 Day

Sender-ID Back from the Dead

Internationalizing Top-Level Domain Names: Another Look

Languages in the Root: A TLD Launch Strategy Based on ISO 639

Can TCP/IP Survive?

Sender ID: A Tale of Open Standards and Corporate Greed? - Part I

What's Wrong With Spam Prosecutions

Open Ends: Civil Society and Internet Governance - Part II

Spam and the Introduction Problem

Sender Address Verification: Solving the Spam Crisis

The Site Finder Reprise

10 Reasons Why Involving Government in Spam Control is a Bad Idea

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Comcast's Network Management Practices: A Brief Analysis

What is Anti-Spam?

What's in a Name?

Cornucopia: A Radically Different Approach to TLDs

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What is Anti-Spam?

What's in a Name?

Cornucopia: A Radically Different Approach to TLDs

Comcast's Network Management Practices: A Brief Analysis