Gerald M. Levine

Gerald M. Levine

Intellectual Property, Arbitrator/Mediator at Levine Samuel LLP
Joined on March 9, 2016 – United States
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Gerald M. Levine is an attorney practicing in New York City. He is the managing partner of Levine Samuel, LLP, a boutique law firm located near the United Nations. Further information about his background and the firm can be found on the Firm's website at

Mr. Levine has a litigation and counseling practice representing clients in Intellectual Property rights and rights management as well as a diverse range of legal and business matters in the fields of publishing and copyright (representing authors) and trademark and brand counseling as it relates to the intersection of trademarks and domain names. He is on the panel of neutral arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association for commercial and IP disputes; for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA); and is a Panelist on the Forum Roster of Neutrals for disputes arising under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolutions Policy (UDRP).

He is the author of a treatise on Trademarks, Domain Names, and Cybersquatting, Domain Name Arbitration: A Practical Guide to Asserting and Defending Claims of Cybersquatting Under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. A Second Edition of the treatise was published July 2019 and is available from Amazon or from the publisher, Legal Corner Press (LCP).

For inquiries to LCP write to or Mr. Levine at or by telephone at 212.596.0851.


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