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Shumon Huque

Principal Research Scientist at Verisign Labs
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Shumon Huque is a Principal Research Scientist at Verisign Labs. His research interests include DNS, DNSSEC, IPv6, routing, software defined networking, authentication systems, and security protocols.

Prior to joining Verisign in March 2014, Shumon spent 20 years at the University of Pennsylvania in a variety of roles including UNIX Systems Administrator, Systems Programmer, Network Engineer, Lead Engineer, and most recently, Engineering Director. Among other accomplishments, he was the principal designer and architect of Penn's DNS (including DNSSEC), authentication infrastructure, and IPv6 deployment. He served as the Chief Engineer of the MAGPI GigaPoP, a regional network operated by Penn that connected many universities in New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania to Internet2, the US national Research & Education backbone network.

Shumon also played a prominent role in early adoption, prototyping, and promotion of advanced protocols (like DNSSEC and IPv6) in the Internet2 US Research & Education community. He served for many years on the program committee of the Internet2 Joint Techs workshop, as the co-chair of the Internet2 DNSSEC special interest group, and as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Internet2 network.

In addition, Shumon has served as an adjunct faculty member in Penn's School of Engineering & Applied Science, where he taught laboratory courses on network protocols.


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