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Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sales, Translation, Management, and Localization. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in English Language and Literature/Letters from Bennington College.

Since June of 2016, A. Blum Localization Services is situated in downtown Palo Alto, California; quite literally within the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We work on search engine optimization, web translations and, online reputation management. Our objective is the same for all clients, namely to provide lasting, organic, multiple results on the first page of Also, on request, we can work on ensuring multiple top ten results on regional data centers (such as on in French, German and/or in Italian).‚Äč

More about my: Palo Alto SEO Company

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There is an amazingly revealing document found here in PDF and via here where we read "Google's revenue is largely based on advertising. ... Fluctuating socio-economic conditions due to climate change could have a negative impact on Google's revenue if they cause users to reduce the rate of economic transactions and thus causes advertisers to demand less online advertising." This obviously seems a rather self-centered view on WHY we need to control climate change! more

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2018 Alphabet CDP Climate Change Response

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