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Janine Goodman

Vice President and Co-founder at Avenue4 LLC
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Janine Goodman is Vice President and co-founder of Avenue4 LLC. Janine advises clients on their purchase and sale of IPv4 assets, with an emphasis on helping clients navigate applicable regional Internet registry policies when structuring and executing their transactions. Prior to co-founding Avenue4, Janine spent 18 years representing Fortune 500 companies, both as lead negotiator for large domestic and global telecommunications and technology service and product procurements and as a key advisor regarding dispute resolution and day-to-day strategy and contract management.

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The IPv4 Market - Looking Back and Forward

In September 2015, the free pool of IPv4 numbers available through the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran dry. In 2016, the IPv4 market was the only reliable source of IPv4 numbers, globally, and the pattern of activity changed dramatically. So far in 2017, we have seen the trends in the last half of 2016 continue. Throughout 2015, IPv4 transactions were trending steadily upward and the volume of transferred numbers had reached an all time high... more

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The IPv4 Market - Looking Back and Forward