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Thom Kennon

EVP, Digital Brand Strategies at Architelos
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With over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience, Kennon spent the past several years developing and refining a philosophy, methodology & toolbox focusing on a unique behavioral human experience model. This experience strategy discipline lies at the heart of the new marketing engine Kennon believes is required for all 21st century brands in this evolving post-digital era. Thom has founded, launched or lead three interactive agencies over his career and is a frequent contributor to integrated marketing trade press and industry panels.

Prior to joining the Architelos senior partnership team in the Winter of 2012, Thom was SVP director of strategy at Y&R;in New York, where he built an experience strategy practice group and discipline, moving account brand planning from the ivory tower to the consumer street.

Before joining Y&R;, Thom worked within sister WPP agency at the Wunderman global digital network serving as the global strategy lead for emerging channels, working on strategic global accounts including Nokia, Microsoft, Citibank, Danone and Telefonica.

At Wunderman, Thom led the creation of a social media practice group grounded in the rigor of digital direct response. He and his team developed a new model for insights development — the Listening Platform — using complex gathering, analytics & modeling tools to organize and translate the noise of the social media "wild" into new campaign planning, execution and optimization methodologies for emerging platforms.

Previous career positions included director of strategy and client services at global search marketing and digital services agency iCrossing and managing director of in London, within the Omnicom network.

Thom is Adjunct Professor at New York University teaching Social Media for the Brand and Post Digital Marketing within the graduate program for Master of Science Integrated Marketing and also serves as co-chair on the Education and Evangelism Committee of the Mobile Marketing Association.

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