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An Open Letter to Big Tech CFOs: Save the Internet Before You're Forced

An Innovative Framework That Will Help the IoT Industry Scale Into the Billions

A Brief Look at the Domain Attack Surface of Streaming Media Companies

Scaling the Root of the DNS

A Failed Whois Policy

Afilias to Protect TLDs Against Potential "Orphan Glue" Exploits

Beware of Abandoned Domain Names in this Turbulent Time and as the Global Economy Changes

Your Domain Name Does Matter in Search Results – Microsoft Says So!

There Is No Artificial Intelligence

Truth in Web Digital Identity?

What's Behind the Secure DNS Controversy and What Should You Do About It?

What Does It Mean to Deploy DMARC?

Back to the Future Part IV: The Price-Fixing Paradox of the DNS

Law Enforcement Agencies Will Have Authority on Registries and Registrars

Enough With Blacklisting Online Pharmacies, Isn’t It Time to Consider White Lists?

KSK Rollover, Elliptical Curve Vulnerabilities, Surveillance and Privacy. Are We Building Trust?

(DNS) Security Protocols Do What They Say on the Tin

Taking a Multi-Stakeholder Look at Cyber Norms


Why Government Agencies Use Ugly, Difficult to Use Scanned PDFs - There's More Than Meets the Eye

Why You Must Learn to Love DNSSEC

ICANN vs EPAG: ICANN Seeks Appeal Plus Pushes for ECJ Referral

What Happens If Two Applications for a New gTLD Are a City and a Family Name?

ICANN vs EPAG/Tucows: Tucows Releases Statement on What They're Doing and Why

What Drives IPv6 Deployment?

Security, Standards, and IoT: Will Connected Devices Flourish Under Prescriptive Regimes?

U.S. Complaint to WTO on China VPNs Is Itself Troubling

1 Terabit DDoS Attacks Become a Reality; Reflecting on Five Years of Reflections

Humming an Open Internet Demise in London?

Have We Reached Peak Use of DNSSEC?


GDPR: Registries to Become Technical Administrators Only?

New gTLDs and Concept of a Universal Directory

Google Now a Target for Regulation

Enabling Privacy Is Not Harmful

Net Neutrality 101: Why 'Title II' Doesn't Apply to Internet Transmissions

Legal Controls on Extreme End-to-End Encryption (ee2ee)

The Hack Back Bill in Congress is Better Than You'd Expect

Preliminary Thoughts on the Equifax Hack

The One Reason Net Neutrality Can't Be Implemented

The Internet is Dead - Long Live the Internet

Some Whois Lookup Services Might be Broken

A Lesson from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Domain Name Disputes

Internet Fast Lanes - You May Be Surprised at Who Has Them

Sorry, Not Sorry: WHOIS Data Must Remain Public

Don't Make the Internet Safe for Monopolies

Passive Holding of Domain Names and the Argument for Bad Faith or Forfeiture

ICANN Complaint System Easily Gamed

And the Wait Continues for .Corp, .Home and .Mail Applicants

Commercial Incentives Behind IPv6 Deployment

Thoughts on the Proposed Copyright Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

Considering a Vulnerability Disclosure Program? Recent Push Raises Questions for General Counsel

If Slate Comes in Standard Sizes, Why Not Broadband?

Using Domain Name Privacy/Proxy Services Lawfully or to Hide Contact Information and Identity

The Internet Needs a Security and Performance Upgrade

The Future of Software Patents

How the Slow Adoption of the Cloud Has Impacted 3 Industries

Maintaining Security and Stability in the Internet Ecosystem

Moving to the Cloud? 10 Key Questions for CIOs

DDOS Attackers - Who and Why?

Examining IPv6 Performance - Revisited

The Impact of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking on Supplemental Filings in UDRP Cases

NTP is Still a Security Risk

Is There a Positive Business Case for IPv6? We Are About to Find Out, If You Help Us...

Who Is Responsible for Your Application's Security?

"Non-Discriminatory" Broadband: Just Carriage, or Miscarriage of Justice?

Officially Compromised Privacy

Governments Shouldn't Play Games with the Internet

Congress Must Approve Transfer of IANA Function to ICANN

Can We Stop IP Spoofing? A New Whitepaper Explores the Issues

Making Sense of Google's .xyz gTLD Branding

Confessions of an Ex-Opponent of Whois Privacy

The Cycle of E-Mail Security

Hacking: Users, Computers, and Systems

Curbing Cyber- and Typosquatting

Asking a Better Question to Uncloak the Online Copyright Debate

End-to-End Email Encryption - This Time For Sure?

Google Chose to Win .APP in an ICANN Auction for $25m - Why?

Packet Loss: How the Internet Enforces Speed Limits

CMO Offers Fresh View on New gTLDs: "They're a Channel, Not Just a Label"

What Must We Trust?

IPv6 Security Myth #5: Privacy Addresses Fix Everything!

Title II Will Have Little Effect on Telecom Developments in The USA

A Cynic's View of 2015 Security Predictions - Part 3

When DNSBLs Go Bad

One Year Later: Lessons Learned from the Target Breach

Nameserver Operators Need the Ability to "Disavow" Domains

Stopping Illegal Activity Online - It's More Complicated Than It Seems

Where Is Cyberspace?

Building a Better WHOIS for the Individual Registrant

Where Is Cyberspace?

New gTLD Abuse Trends Beginning to Emerge

Anti-Spoofing, BCP 38, and the Tragedy of the Commons

Is Your New TLD Protected Against Phishing and Malware?

Snowshoe Spam: What It Is, and How Not to Look Like You Send It

In Which We Consider the Meaning of 'Authorized': GIVAUDAN FRAGRANCES CORPORATION v. Krivda

Plumbing Neutrality

DNS Amplification Attacks: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? (Part 2)

A Question of DNS Protocols

The Challenge of DNS Security

The Long Gestation and Afterlife of New gTLDs

The Internet: Missing the Light

Exactly When Is ARIN Going to Run Out of IPv4 Addresses?

The Missing Link in Dotless Domains

Name Collisions, Why Every Enterprise Should Care (Part 3 of 5)

Removing Need at RIPE

How Will Banks Ensure the Safety of Our Money? DDoS Attacks on NL Banks

Open DNS Resolvers - Coming to an IP Address Near You!

DNS Reflection/Amplification Attack: Proved

Clearing up the "logjam": ICANN Must Drop its Request for a Unilateral Right to Amend the Agreements

Google: Not All ccTLD's Are Created Equally in Generic Search Rankings

Opportunity Missed: Hilton Checks-Out of New Domains Boom

A Look at Mail Patterns from Legitimate Webmail Sources

Business Case for IPv6 - Part 1

DNS Changer

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