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Bill Smith

Sr. Policy Advisor, Technology Evangelist at PayPal
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Bill Smith has over 30 years experience ranging from software developer to executive at several companies. He currently is Sr. Policy Advisor, Technology Evangelist at PayPal where he advocates for improvements to the security, stability, and reliability of the Internet. Bill represents PayPal at the IGF, ICANN, ARIN, WSIS, the ITU, the IETF, and the Fido Alliance.. He helps establish and present PayPal’s positions at these and other fora bridging the gaps between technology, policy, and business.

Bill is a frequent panelist on issues related to Internet Governance, security, privacy, and identity and has served the Internet Community for over 20 years through his participation in a variety of organizations in leadership roles. At these organizations he is known for his advocacy of open standards, open source, open governance, and non-assert covenants as a means to develop and promote a free and open Internet.

He currently serves as a Director and Secretary of the Fido Alliance. Bill is a past President and Chair of OASIS, served as co-chair of ebXML, the joint OASIS/United Nations Electronic Business Initiative, past Board member of IEEE-ISTO, and has participated at the W3C including as co-chair of the XML Linking WG.

Prior to joining PayPal, Bill was Sr. Director Business Strategy, Office of the CTO, Sun Microsystems where he helped establish and execute the company's international standards strategy. At Sun, Bill actively participated in the development of secure, privacy-aware digital identity standards as an officer and Board member of the Liberty Alliance and Kantara Initiative.

Bill holds bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science, both from Brown University.

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