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Steve started building microcomputers in the mid 1970's when the 8080 micro chip was invented. Learning hardware and software while building business PC's during the 1980's and 90's he knows many programming languages and is an accomplished software architect.

He was one of the first members of Comp-U-Serve, a pioneer in online services. As an early adopter of on-line services he has been involved since the 1970's when BBS systems were housed in PC enthusiast's homes with 300 baud modems. He was file sharing open source code way back then. The journey has taken him all the way to the Internet and broadband networks of today.

Building web sites has taken him on the journey of creating visually compelling, engaging web sites. Learning skills such as content optimization, site functionality and graphic design as well as his own technical competence has given him the skills to be the project architect and manager on web site development.

Currently Steve is an Internet developer with domain name portfolio since 1998. During that time he has built several successful web sites. He works daily at, his company, developing internet property and consulting with clients.

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