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Joe Tighe

IT Infrastructure Consultant
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Joe has over sixteen (16) years of fulltime employee (FTE) management experience in business alignment and strategically leveraging technologies, and over ten (10) years of diversified business experience in the information technology (IT) field with business alignment, organizational development, cost management, consulting, technology architecture planning, compliance initiatives, business need assessments, staffing, product requirements, scopes of work, schedules, implementation management, IT audits, and information security . He has functioned as the Chief Information Officer responsible for leading information technology development, operations, field service and compliance teams. During his business career Joe has been exposed to a wide variety of business verticals, organizations, telecommunications and computing platforms in varied n-tier environments on micro, midrange, and mainframe systems. He is experienced in the client consulting, design, development, control, security, and audit of information systems, decision support systems (DSS), business support systems (BSS), informational support systems (ISS), operational support systems (OSS), contact centers, network operations centers (NOC), data and voice networks, firewalls, and common off the shelf commercial products. His demonstrated competencies include client relationship building, solutions selling, infrastructure design and implementation, organizational design and turnaround, program / project management, cost management, vendor management, offshore outsourcing, cross-disciplinary development, problem solving for complex business challenges, and other enterprise architecture, risk management, and security consultative services. Joe is an assertive polished professional who is extremely innovative, intuitive, motivated, and a self disciplined.

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