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The Internet has become a global commons, providing a ubiquitous platform for commerce, communications, and research for all nations.  And of those nations embracing democracy, it is becoming a vital cornerstone of public discourse.  Accordingly, Gregory is passionate about responsible, if not limited, Internet governance.

Mr. Miller is a Sr. Partner with Network Tool & Die and the Co-Executive Director of the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation.  At NT&D, Greg advises technology start-up clients on technology marketing, sales, business development strategies and venture financing.  His expertise includes brand and product strategy, alliances, online and viral marketing, PR strategy, and M&A analysis.  He is a strong proponent of Chasm Marketing Principles. Greg also provides counsel on public policy, legislation, and government affairs related to Internet governance, data security/privacy and IP.  Greg has served as interim Chief Internet Strategist and/or VP of Marketing & Business Development for Ixio, c.IQ Strategies and DataLode.  He has provided product-marketing expertise to upstarts in digital asset security and privacy including Autonomics, Blue Spike, Network Box, and Securify – a leading managed security services provider.  In short, Greg brings a great deal of computer industry acumen and is called upon from time to time by industry analysts and the federal government for his perspectives.

Prior to NT&D, Greg was MedicaLogic's (now GE Medical Systems) Chief Internet Strategist & Director of Global Policy & Technology Standards.  His focus was in the areas of strategic business planning and relationship development, strategic marketing, M&A activity, and public policy/standards.  He led MedicaLogic's efforts in regulatory compliance and advocated on legislative matters affecting privacy and security of patient records.  He was an active participant in the mark-up, commentary, and shaping of 45 CFR §§160, 162, & 164 as promulgated by the Health Information Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) – regulations for the privacy and security of digitally transacted healthcare information.

Prior to MedicaLogic, Greg was one of four Directors of Strategic Marketing for Netscape Communications working in the worldwide property & casualty insurance industry and associated law firms, primarily in Europe. Starting from the ground-up, in 2 years he built a $20M book of business for Netscape technology in both the underwriting and claims side of insurance.  Before Netscape, Greg co-founded and spent five years running a VC-funded Internet startup, Inherent.Com, pioneering the use of the World Wide Web in the practice of law, and catering to the Internet infrastructure needs of legal and insurance markets.  And before that, he spent two years with the IP law firm of Marger-Johnson et al, a technology boutique that provided counsel to clients such as HP, Sun, Intel, NeXT Computer, and Cisco Systems focusing on matters in software patents, licensing, and litigation.

Mr. Miller has over 25 years of experience in technical and business development of the Internet dating back to the days of the CSNET.  He is a trained computer scientist, with graduate business education in marketing, and a law degree with emphasis on intellectual property, complex federal litigation, antitrust & industrial organization, securities, tax, and public policy. 

Greg’s technical background includes TCP/IP network architecture & security, user interface design, and object-oriented software development.  He was a co-inventor on 2 U.S. patents in the area of distributed computing and inter-process communications.  He is an accomplished author, public speaker, and natural born evangelist.

Mr. Miller has also been active in the American Bar Association since 1988 working on the TECHSHOW Planning Committees and a faculty member 1993-1998, as well as active in the Law Practice Management and Science & Technology sections, particularly the InformationSecurity Committee.  From 1989–2004, Greg managed the oldest legal technology list server:

In early 2000, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission appointed Mr. Miller to a special advisory council on consumer online privacy.  Greg was also appointed to (then) President Clinton's Critical Infrastructure Assurance Partnership Council as part of Presidential Decision Directive #63, and served on their public policy subcommittee through 2001.  Mr. Miller also periodically advises members of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and FTC on matters and initiatives regarding Internet privacy, security, and critical infrastructure. Greg is also a contributor to the Congressional Internet Caucus, as well as a sustaining member of the Internet Society, and a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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