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May 28, 2010

CircleID Now of Facebook

We have created a CircleID facebook page and hope that it will be an added benefit for our growing professional community to further engage and share their thoughts from around the world. Facebook users are welcomed to visit the CircleID page on facebook ( and use various tools provided to stay updated and participate in the discussions. ›››

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Dec 15, 2008

We Have Added More Topics and Enhanced the Navigation Bar

We have just made a few updates to the CircleID website including the addition of new topic sections. While we've been covering some of these topic areas for sometime now (such as Cybercrime, Cloud Computing, and Telecom), you can now visit a designated section within the site for blogs, news and commentaries for each of these topics -- all grouped in one easy-to-find location. To see the list of all the topics covered visit the main topics page.

We have also updated the main navigation of the site -- found on top of every page of the CircleID website -- with a dropdown menu feature. Using this updated navigation bar, you can now access all major section of the site (including all the topic pages) with a single mouse click. (Please be sure to refresh your browser to see the new changes, especially if you are accessing the site from your bookmarks.)

Please send us your comments and feedback (as well as any other topics you'd like to see covered within CircleID). ›››

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Aug 25, 2008

Please Take a Moment to Answer this Survey

Your participation in this survey is very important to us. Understanding your background and professional experience will help us make this site more useful and relevant to you and other readers of CircleID. The survey should only take a couple of minutes of your time. Please click here to start›››

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Jul 09, 2008

The Official Announcement for the Launch of CircleID 2.0

A few weeks ago CircleID launched a new version of its website and the changes are extensive enough that we're calling it CircleID 2.0! As many of you have noticed by now, the new site consists of a variety of new sections, topics, features, and of course, a new user interface... we hope you like what you see and most importantly, we hope that we have delivered on the promise of making CircleID even more useful. ›››

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May 03, 2007

CircleID Relaunched: New Topics, New Tools, Mobile Access and More

As you might have noticed already, the CircleID website has been newly relaunched and restructured from ground up. Since CircleID's initial launch, back in August 2002, our goal has essentially been to continually improve the site as an online professional utility for the Internet infrastructure -- while vigilantly taking note of your feedback and suggestions. We are pleased to announce the following updates and additions to the site... ›››

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Aug 24, 2006

Celebrating the Web: OneWebDay Kicks Off in a Month!

September 22 is OneWebDay, a day to "celebrate the Web and what it means to us as individuals, organizations, and communities." Founded by Susan Crawford and spearheaded by volunteers around the globe, the initiative is helping to plan events in major cities (check out OneWebDay Canada!)

OneWebDay is a day to make the web visible all over the world: "The idea is to show everyone what kinds of amazing collaborations and human interactions go on online. And to tell stories about how the web has changed our lives. It's a transformative part of our world, this online phenomenon, and we shouldn't take it for granted."

We're just one month away from the very first OneWebDay. Grab your button here and visit the official OneWebDay website to find out more. ›››

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May 11, 2006

'Domaining' Added to CircleID Group of Topics

Domaining, a commonly used term to identify a business focused on domain name speculations, has been gaining growing level of attention. Although the Domaining is still viewed controversial in nature, Google, Yahoo!, and Financial Institutions are just few examples of some of the growing number of larger type organizations that are highly active in the field.

Never the less, the raising level of discussions and main-stream media coverage on Domaining activities is also emerging more and more frequently within the CircleID community. Hence, we have now added Domaining as a designated location for all conversations and participants in this field.

We'd also like to encourage members to edit/add to the backgrounder page for Domaining which is referenced to at the top of the main topic page among other CircleID pages. ›››

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