About CircleID


CircleID is a collaborative news and opinion website where professionals come to connect, inform and be informed about the latest developments that are shaping the Internet infrastructure.

Postings on CircleID cover all aspects of the Internet infrastructure including technical, commercial, legal, political, and regulatory matters. Opinions, news analysis and blogs featured on CircleID originate from thousands of professionals around the world who are active within these fields.

CircleID as a Community

Since its inception in mid-2002, CircleID has gained the attention and participation of a broad global community including some of the most sought-after Internet authorities around the globe (as well as the mainstream media). In December of 2005, CircleID was selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to host its 24th international public meeting in Vancouver, Canada, where over 700 delegates from 109 countries attended the meetings.

CircleID users include a wide range of professionals including CTOs, CEOs, Presidents, Consultants, Directors, Network and Security Engineers, Authors, Academics, Attorneys, and Journalists.

CircleID as a Utility

As a professional utility, CircleID gives each registered user a set of interactive tools (free of charge) and the opportunity to showcase their work, professional interests, activities, websites, blogs, expertise, etc. while proactively reading, writing and connecting with their peers.

CircleID and the Industry

CircleID supports its operations with revenue generated from advertisements, sponsorships and by charging a small membership fee from companies within relevant industries that are interested in featuring information about their companies, products and services through out the CircleID website (displayed within designated areas). To learn more about marketing and advertising opportunities available on CircleID, visit the Advertising Programs page.

If you have further questions or suggestions about CircleID and our services, please contact us using this form.