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Vint Cerf Speaking Candidly as ICANN Chairmanship Ends

Internet pioneer and founder Vint Cerf has spoken candidly for the first time about the end of his chairmanship, as reported by ICANN. Cerf has put out a call for people to join the organization to help the Internet's "continued evolution".

In an interview on the subject — posted to the ICANN website, the video site YouTube as well as his employer's Google Video website — Cerf stressed that it is "difficult to underestimate the importance of ICANN" because it is "responsible for policy with regard to certain technical aspects of the Internet". ICANN helps ensure that the Internet remains interoperable and, in the words of Cerf "in the absence of interoperability, we don't have an Internet".

Read full story: ICANN

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Re: Vint Cerf Speaking Candidly as ICANN Chairmanship Ends By Matthew Elvey  –  Jun 05, 2007 8:04 am PDT

Umm… you failed to post a working link.  Here they are:
Google Video

ICANN is supposed to look after the “security and stability” of the Internet… but they wouldn't even approve .mail.  And there are more domains with bogus contact info than ever.  I can't think of anything effective that ICANN has ever done as relates to security.  And it's not like there haven't been good, workable proposals proposed.

Expecting ICANN to do anything effective about security seems rather like expecting a wolf to be a lamb.  That includes expecting ICANN's NOMCOM to select board members who will take pro-security policy actions.

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