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Google's Chief Suggests Applying Open Principles of Internet to Energy Infrastructure

Google's Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt, a member of President-elect Barack Obama's Transition Economic Advisory Board, said the government needs to focus on the areas of broadband infrastructure, research and alternative energy in an effort to rebuild the nation's economy.

Openness is critical for that, he argued. The end-to-end principle that underlies the Internet, the open network, is a must. "It is that openness, the ability that anyone can play ... that drives the modern economy… Why don't we do the same thing with the energy grid? ...isn't it obvious?"

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The Internet Model of Progress extended for all round Public Infrastructure Development. By Sivasubramanian M  –  Nov 19, 2008 8:32 pm PDT

The broad idea proposed by Eric Schmidt is in tune with this era of Change. The Internet's path of progress has been unrestrained due to its openness and its fundamental values. These values, by universal participation, have manifested as a convergence or fusion of the best of free enterprise and the best of social enterprise values,

If the Internet's participative framework is extended to all Public Infrastructure - Power, Water, Transportation and Education, then the world would be a changed world that would be far more prosperous world.

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