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Escalating Attacks on U.S. Military Networks Linked to China

Numerous hacks from the Far East sure look like concerted attacks against U.S. military installations, but nobody's saying for sure… A Wall Street Journal article March 12 described how military networks are increasingly the targets of hackers. The targets are not limited to actual Department of Defense networks, but can also include defense industries and think tanks.

Larry Seltzer reports on eWeek: I asked Gadi Evron, who consulted on the Estonian responses to the attacks they received. He confirms that China is a dangerous place for the Internet. "I can confirm targeted attacks with sophisticated technologies have been launched against obvious enemies of China. I can also confirm that China's network is the most plagued with cyber-crime in the world, being abused and used to launch attacks ranging from fraud to denial-of-service, worldwide. Who is behind these attacks can't be easily said, but it can be an American cyber-criminal, a Nigerian spammer or the Chinese themselves."

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Re: Escalating Attacks on U.S. Military Networks Linked to China By Richard Golodner  –  Mar 13, 2008 9:05 pm PDT

Any peson who reads their own logs can see that a large percent of hack attempts are coming from networks located in China.I can say that these attempts account for 30% or more of intrusion attempts on my small home network connected to the Internet via cable modem. I wonder what the percentages are for a company like Haliburton, or Intel.

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