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Message from MAG, the Independent Nonprofit Industry Association Serving dotMobi Stakeholders

The dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG) has been set-up as an independent not-for-profit industry association accredited by dotMobi (mTLD) per its ICANN agreement and it is not owned nor operated nor financed by dotMobi (mTLD). See our website at mag.mtld.mobi for more detailed information.

The approach for starting an independent industry group has been the practice of many industry-based ventures over the years and has successfully made sure that all stakeholders interested influencing the direction of a technology, service and/or business category has a place to dialogue, debate and collaborate on issues that could affect the communities represented in an open, transparent way.

Membership to the MAG is open to all interested parties who want to influence and assist in shaping the future of the .mobi domain space. With the MAG set up as an independent, not-for-profit self-financed group, the MAG Steering Committee (all volunteers) decided that in order achieve our goals of serving the global dotMobi stakeholder community it would be in the best interest of the MAG to be an organization that included: a formal structure for vetting and voting on issues the community would like voiced to dotMobi as a whole, membership categories to enable the MAG to work in the best interest of its stakeholder members, and the necessary funding to support a global platform to carry out its work in a self-finnanced manner, independent to dotMobi (mTLD) investment and influence.

The MAG will act as a vehicle for mobile industry stakeholders to network and voice their opinions and ideas for the betterment of the mobile Internet experience - that is our mission.

We would like invite you to be part of the MAG — whether you want to join as an active member (membership categories and fees are on the MAG website) or participate in our online discussion forums and roundtables for free — it is really up to you to decide how you would like to have your voice heard by MAG members and the dotMobi community.


Michael J. O'Farrell
Chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group

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