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Canadians Now Pay for Different Levels of Internet Speeds

The The Globe and Mail reports today that Canadians now pay for different levels of Internet speeds. Telecommunications companies say they need to raise prices in order to offset the hefty investments required by the network, which is increasingly used by consumers for activities beyond sending emails and surfing the Web.

From the article: "Canada's biggest Internet service providers, including Bell Canada and Telus Corp. argued yesterday that new business models are necessary as users increasingly listen to music and watch videos online. Bell, for example, said its Sympatico Internet network usage has jumped 30 per cent annually over the past three years. At Telus, the volume for each Internet subscriber has doubled in the past year."

On the hand, Michael Geist, in response to the article, suggests in his blog that "ISPs already have bit-caps in place, so the days of 'all you can eat' are long gone for many Internet users. It isn't net neutrality that is the impediment because bandwidth usage pricing is consistent with a neutral network model (in fact, it goes a long way to addressing the traffic shaping concerns)."

Read full story: The Globe and Mail

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Re: Canadians Now Pay for Different Levels of Internet Speeds By Michele Neylon  –  Jun 14, 2007 12:14 pm PDT

It sounds like the Canadian ISPs are going to have adopt similar pricing models to those used in Europe.

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