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Behind the Smoke Screen of Internet and International Infrastructure

In the following (quick & dirty) write-up I start by discussing some recent threats network operators should be aware of, such as recursive DNS attacks.

Also, a bit on the state of the Internet, cooperation across different fields and how these latest threats with DDoS also relate to worms and bots, as well as spam, phishing and the immense ROI organized crime sees.

Then I try and bring some suggestions on what can be done better, and where we as a community, as well as specifically where us, the "secret hand-shake clubs" of Internet security fail and succeed.

Over-secrecy, lack of cooperation, lack of public information, and not being secret enough about what really matters.

On the surface you can read about the attacks, how registered domains with a name created by a specific algorithm to serve as a botnet command and control server, while spammers use name servers other than their own to spamvertise from and switch back, while the DNS RR's change IP addresses every few minutes. Below the surface you will have to see what you understand as I get different responses from different people.

Looking behind the smoke screen of the Internet: DNS recursive attacks, spamvertised domains, phishing, botnet C&C's, International Infrastructure and you

By Gadi Evron, Security Strategist

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