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Dyn Partners with the Internet Systems Consortium to Host Global F-Root Nameservers

Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance Management (IPM), announced today a partnership with Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) that will enable Dyn to host F-Root nameserver nodes. ISC operates F-Root, one of the 13 internet root name servers that support the core DNS infrastructure of the internet. Every internet transaction — from visiting a web site to sending an email — begins with a DNS query, and the global DNS infrastructure depends on the stable and reliable operation of root servers.

"Dyn's long history of providing rock solid DNS services as well as their leadership position in the IPM space makes them an obvious partner to host F-Root servers," said Jeff Osborn, President of ISC. "Dyn and ISC have an existing partnership on BIND that has been very beneficial. F-Root is critical to the performance of the global internet, and Dyn's resources and expertise will ensure that a critical pathway will be well run and tended. We expect the services hosted by Dyn to be among the most reliable anywhere."

The F-Root name service has been in continuous operation since 1994, with zero downtime. It was the first root name service to employ anycast routing technology in support of that 100% uptime. Access to a local instance of a root server, part of a widely distributed root system, means that even if your geographic location (even whole countries) is cut off from the global internet, the ability to navigate the internet is preserved and maintained. Dyn's record of uptime and widely distributed network infrastructure further strengthens the commitment to the community that this piece of critical infrastructure will be highly available.

Dyn has built a reputation as one of the cornerstones of internet infrastructure operation and performance over its 15 year history based on its work with ISC and others. Dyn currently provides DNS for nearly one million companies around the world and has recently extended its service to provide an IPM platform offering to Enterprise clients including Pfizer, Visa, Netflix and Twitter.

Dyn technical staff participates in the internet standards bodies and organizations that formulate best practices around the globe, most notably Andrew Sullivan serves as Chair of the IAB and Dave Knight as a member of the board of DNS-OARC. Dyn's staff includes internet pioneers like Joe Abley who wrote the first and still definitive paper on the operation of anycast services at the IETF. Dyn is driving the creation of standards and best practices based upon real-world experience that benefits its customers and the community at large.

ISC is the non-profit organization behind the development and distribution of the most widely used name server software, BIND. ISC's team of experts helps drive DNS standards and produce the reference implementation that is then distributed as commercial-quality Open Source software.

"We are proud to partner with ISC to support a critical component of the internet infrastructure," said Scott Hilton, EVP of Products at Dyn. "Our support and expansion of the F-Root name server footprint continues Dyn's pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance for the global internet."

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