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ICANN Must Stop Resisting Accountability Changes, Warn US Senators

Two leading US senators, John Thune, chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology, and ranking member Brian Schatz have signed a letter warning that without "significant accountability reforms that empower the community," Congress will not support the transition of the IANA contract from the US government to ICANN. "In legislation, letters, and hearings, we have called for robust accountability reforms to ICANN as a necessary pre-condition to any possible lANA transition," it notes. "Our support for these reforms has not wavered."

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accountability/transparency shielding By Paul Vixie  –  Oct 26, 2015 9:22 pm PDT

in the icann world, "significant accountability reforms that empower the community" just means more committees investigating accountability and/or transparency. if these senators want to play along, they can demand improvement, and icann's response will be to create a new ATRT-like body for U. S. senators (or their overworked staff) to sit on.

this may seem disingenuous, and this may feel like you're fighting with salt water taffy, but it's how ICANN Corporate has caused itself to be widely seen as an entity distinct from the ICANN Community, with distinct goals and objectives. also, "it's how things have always been done here."

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