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DomainsBot to Help Professionals Find .PRO Internet Addresses More Easily

.PRO addresses now embedded into the DomainsBot "name spinner" Internet address search and suggestion toolRegistryPRO, the ICANN-designated operator of the .PRO top-level domain and a subsidiary of leading registry services provider Afilias, announced that DomainsBot, the leading domain name suggestion and search engine company, will include .PRO in their domain name search and suggestion tool, used by the majority of the world's best-known Internet domain name retailers, including 101Domains, Blacknight, MeshDigital, Net4In and Tucows.

With the growing need to differentiate an individual's business and skills on the Internet, the .PRO domain gives professionals who need a website a one-of-a-kind address that helps them to brand themselves as the professionals they are. The inclusion of .PRO in the market-leading DomainsBot domain search tool demonstrates the growing popularity of .PRO as a global identifier of professional status.

DomainsBot's "name spinner" tool is designed to help developers, site owners and marketers find available domain names when a first-choice domain name is already registered. DomainsBot offers a wide variety of results — including domain names that are available, expiring and for sale — to ensure that professionals can easily find the best domain name available.

"The inclusion of .PRO into the DomainsBot search and suggestion tool is another milestone in the success of the .PRO TLD," said Roland LaPlante, CMO of Afilias. "More professionals are setting up websites every day, and the integrity of .PRO sets it apart in the world of Internet addresses. All .PRO registrants must certify that they meet strict eligibility requirements, and may be required to submit proof to the registry. To further ensure the integrity of .PRO, all registrations are subject to .PRO's monitoring and verification process."

"As the Internet continues to grow, so does the need for distinct professional branding. Given that, we felt it was important to include .PRO domains as part of our services," said Daniel Ruzzini Mejia, Co-Founder & CSO, DomainsBot. "The .PRO domain now plays a significant role on the Web; we wanted to ensure our customers could take advantage of the branding benefits that come with the .PRO domain."

To qualify to register a .PRO domain, registrants may be asked to provide their professional credentials to confirm they meet eligibility requirements, which include providing professional services, being validated by a government certification body or government-recognized jurisdictional entity and being in good standing with its authority. In addition, registrants may be asked to provide identification, contact information and profession-specific information like ID numbers.

By .PRO, Exclusive Operator of the .PRO Top-Level Domain – Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, RegistryPro is the ICANN-designated operator of the .PRO TLD. Since launching in 2004, .PRO has become an important tool for businesses, organizations and individuals in building trusted relationships throughout the world. In many languages, "pro" is synonymous with dedication, skill, and vision — the .PRO name allows people to capture that distinctive character. Whether developing a brand, refining an identity, or promoting a specialty, .PRO offers every business and professional the opportunity to enhance their image by adding a powerful, easy-to-identify name to their online presence and web-based products. Visit Page

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