Christofer Flinta

Christofer Flinta

Retired from Ericsson AB
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Christofer Flinta worked as a Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research 2001-2019 in the diverse areas of IPv6, VPN, home gateways, network performance measurements, cloud management and machine learning. Christofer holds 19 patents and has co-authored 2 IETF and ITU-T standards as well as several research papers. He holds a Licentiate degree in Theoretical Physics, BioPhysics, at KTH, Sweden.

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Digging Into IPv6 Traffic to Google: Is 28% Deployment Really the Limit?

After some years of accelerating IPv6 deployment, we are now into a period of slower growth and it's not clear where we are heading. It is therefore interesting to try to predict the future of IPv6 over the coming years. At Ericsson Research, we have been working on this topic since 2013, but just recently created a forecast model that seems to be quite accurate. However, it gives a disappointing message of a very low final level of IPv6 deployment at less than 30%! more

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