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Russian Hackers Have Penetrated U.S. Electric Utilities

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Schneier and Kerr on Encryption Workarounds

Russian-Based Kaspersky Lab Planning on Swiss Data Center to Address Russian Exploit Concerns

'First True' Native IPv6 DDoS Attack Reported

1.3 Tbps DDoS Attack Against GitHub is Largest Attack Seen to Date, Says Akamai

Washington State Passes Country's Toughest Net Neutrality Legislation

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Silly Bing

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Intune Collapses the OSI Model

BYOD Woes and Worries

Global Payments Breach Confirmation

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Spectrum Key to Broadband Utility

DNS Changer

There Are at Least 10 Million DNS Resolvers on the Internet Today

Growth in IPv6-Capable DNS Infrastructure

ICANN's Contract Not Enforceable on WHOIS Accuracy

Port 43 Failures Continue to Haunt

How Spam Has Damaged Mail Forwarding - And Ways to Get Around It

Nominet to Apply for .Wales and .Cymru Top-Level Domains

US-NL Cybercrime Treaty Signed

Feds Ask for DNSChanger Deadline Extension As Millions of PCs Could Be Cut Off from the Web

Email and Social Media Accounts Under the Spotlight in UK's Proposed New 'Spy' Plan

Spectrum Crisis: Wireless Auctions Preferred Method

The .net Top Level Domain and Cross-Coupled Failures

Closer Look at Domain Name Transfer Policy and the Hijacking of

Preventing A New World Internet Order

Customer Service is Law: The Panix Story

Hijacking of A Call for An Emergency Rollback Procedure

A Year of CAN SPAM

IP or NAT IP: Mostly IP

Using Whois to Enforce Law?

WSIS: What Is It 'Really' All About?

ICC and the U.N. Takeover

Blacklisting Under Wrong Assumptions

NAT: Just Say No

An Unsanctioned Whois Database

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