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Zodiac Holdings Limited and its affiliates were founded in 2008 in anticipation of the launch of the ICANN new gTLD program. Zodiac is the single largest new gTLD applicant with a total of 15 applications that are uniquely positioned to serve the Chinese speaking Internet users around the globe. Zodiac has a core team of domain industry veterans with its headquarters in Beijing.

Zodiac vision is to be the largest privately held gTLD operator in Asia.

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Company Updates

.WANG - 15,000 Registrations on Day One of General Availability

Zodiac Registry is pleased to announce that 15,000 .wang domain names have been registered during the first 24 hours of its General Availability, which started on 00:00, June 30, Beijing time. Within the first 2 hours, more than 7,000 domain names were taken. more

.WANG General Availability Opens on June 30, 2014

Zodiac Registry announces that its much anticipated general availability of .wang TLD will start at 0:00 June 30, Beijing Time. Eugene Li, the CEO of Zodiac Registry says: ".wang is a unique extension that reflects the essence of Chinese language while in the meantime enjoys flexibility of interpretation. As the landrush period is drawing to a close, we are seeing a spike in registration activities - 469 great names were registered on day one of the last week of landrush. more

.WANG Enters Landrush This Week

As a pinyin, "wang"is the Mandarin pronunciation of a number of Chinese characters, including 王 (means "king") and网 (means "web" or "net"). Many household brands, social media or retail platforms website are pronounced and known to Chinese users as "brand-wang". more

New gTLD .WANG Launched - Here Is Why "Wang" Is Both "King" and "Net" to the Chinese

Zodiac is pleased to announce the launch of .wang. As a pinyin (the official phonetic system for transcribing Chinese characters into Latin alphabet), "wang" is the Mandarin pronunciation of a number of Chinese characters, including 王 and 网. more

Zodiac Prepares for Chinese New gTLDs, Announces "Chinese Advisory Services" for New gTLD Applicants

April 02, 2013, Zodiac Holdings Limited ("Zodiac"), the largest Chinese TLD applicant, is pleased to announce that 6 of its new gTLD applications have successfully passed the Initial Evaluation. more

Invitation to a Seminar on "A New Beginning - Domain Name Market in China"

The domain name market in China is undergoing a major transformation with the anticipation of the launch of the new gTLDs. Zodiac Holdings Limited ("Zodiac") is hosting a seminar on "Domain Name Market in China" during ICANN 46th meeting in Beijing. more

Industry Veteran Wang Jian Joins Zodiac Holdings Ltd as Chief Operating Officer

With the anticipated ICANN new gTLD Initial Evaluation results, Zodiac Registry Limited the largest Chinese TLD applicant has announced that Industry Veteran Wang Jian has joined Zodiac as COO, and will be focusing on the upcoming launch of Chinese Top Level Domains. more