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FusionLayer, Inc. streamlines cloud and application delivery in next generation data centers. The company’s vendor agnostic technology bridges the gap between network infrastructure and orchestrated cloud and network functions virtualization workflows. Nine out of 10 of the world's largest service providers leverage FusionLayer.

Implementing FusionLayer's DDI solution allows your organization to:

  • Enhance the productivity and the security related to your core network services,
  • Slash your Operating Expenses (OPEX) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Support emerging technologies (cloud computing, IPv6, DNSSEC) out of the box.

What Differentiates FusionLayer from the Rest?

Companies from hardware appliance background have optimized their product and solution architectures for closed computing environments running on specific pieces of hardware, forcing customers' hand when it comes to platform selection. Deploying these products as virtual appliances often lead to performance and resiliency issues because their architecture has not been intended for virtualization.

Having invented virtualizable software appliances in 2006, all products in FusionLayer's DDI family are available as ISO images that can be used to jump start secure DNS, DHCP and IPAM servers in just minutes. FusionLayer supports virtualized computing environments by VMware and Citrix as well as general-purpose servers and blades from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and the like, providing customers with the freedom of choice not offered by our competitors.

Thanks to the unique, patent-pending software appliancing methodology used in FusionLayer's DDI, our products offer advanced security features such as built-in intrusion prevention and support for centralized traffic monitoring, at lower Total Cost of Ownership than competition.

Visit our website to learn more about what differentiates FusionLayer's solutions.

FusionLayer DDI Products

Our Product portfolio includes the following building blocks that can be integrated together:

1. NameSurfer is a software-defined IPAM solution implemented as a unified management overlay. By supporting multi-vendor environments and adhering to open networking standards, it is the IPAM solution of choice for elastic data center environments running alongside Microsoft AD and BIND.

2. DHCP Server is a virtualizable DHCP software appliance designed for traditional networking and NFV-based environments. DHCP Server automates the manual routines associated with installing and running traditional DHCP servers with support for virtually any x86-based computing environment, both native and virtual.

With standard automated software updates and DHCP security features incorporating rate-limiting alongside an Intrusion Prevention System, DHCP Server has been offering unparalleled performance since 2006. Additionally, managing DHCP Server with NameSurfer (IPAM) provides the optimal combination of DHCP management, performance and Total-Cost of Ownership (TCO).

3. Secure Name Server (SNS)is a virtualizable DNS software appliance designed for traditional networking and NFV-based environments. SNS automates the manual routines associated with installing and running traditional DNS servers while supporting native and virtual x86-based computing environments.

With standard automated software updates and patented DNS security features, incorporating rate-limiting alongside an Intrusion Prevention System, SNS has been able to offer unparalleled DNS security since 2006. Additionally, managing SNS with NameSurfer (IPAM) provides the optimal combination of DNS management, security and Total-Cost of Ownership (TCO).

4. Network Equipment Extractor (NEE) is a virtualization-ready L2&L3;discovery solution designed for traditional networking and SDN-based environments. It is ideally suitable for both traditional network environments and NFV initiatives. NEE uses SNMP polling to locate active network equipment and to extract information from their ARP tables.

By combining the network discovery function with the built-in support for NameSurfer (IPAM), NEE allows customers to find all networks activated in their network equipment and push those automatically to NameSurfer. Once added, NEE runs through the ARP tables to fetch information such as IP, MAC, VLAN, PortID, time-stamps and vendor details, populating all managed networks automatically with these pieces of information.

Company Updates

New Nixu NameSurfer 7.3 Series Powers the Software-Defined Data Centre

With its support for multi-vendor environments and an open architecture which can be easily integrated with practically any existing orchestration solution, it provides a virtualizable platform for bridging the application deployment workflows with virtualized edge services such as DNS, DHCP and L2/L3 Discovery. more

Nixu Integrates with Nominum N2 Platform in Hybrid Cloud Environments

By implementing Nixu Cloud IP Suite in their hybrid cloud environments, companies operating Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business models can deploy cloud applications instantaneously while harnessing the power of the Nominum N2 platform into their service delivery models. more

New Nixu Solution Slashes Cloud Application Delivery Times from Weeks to Milliseconds

Nixu Software today announced Nixu Cloud IP Suite, the first dynamic solution for release parameter provisioning that allows IT departments to automate the manual steps associated with cloud application release. more

Automate IPAM Set-up with Nixu NEE 1.3 Series

The latest version of Nixu NEE introduces a number of key automations such as Auto-Add functionality for subnets and unknown clients found from the network. more

Streamline Application Delivery Processes with Nixu NameSurfer 7.2.2

Nixu Software is pleased to announce version 7.2.2 of its flagship DNS and IP Address Management solution, Nixu NameSurfer Suite. The latest release is a part of Nixu's ambitious Research and Development programme for 2012 -- 2013, targeted at redefining the DDI and IP commissioning workflows by automating the business-critical processes managed by application delivery teams. more

Nominum and Nixu Software to Deliver Centralized DNS and DHCP Management Solution

Nominum, the leading provider of DNS- and DHCP-based applications and solutions for service providers, and Nixu Software, the leading vendor of sophisticated DNS, DHCP and IP Address management solutions, have today announced an agreement to create a new Centralized DNS and DHCP Management solution augmenting Nominum's existing product portfolio.  more

Nixu NameSurfer 7.2 Strikes Rich at Dojo

The latest addition to the Nixu DDI product family introduces a new Search & Modify tool geared for rich user experience, and an open SOAP API that facilitates seamless integration with orchestration systems used in multivendor clouding environments. more

Nixu NEE Powers Location-Aware IPAM

Nixu Software annouces the release of Nixu Network Equipment Extractor (NEE) 1.2 series. Nixu NEE is designed to extract VLAN, MAC, Port ID and other information produced by routers and switches, facilitating full life-cycle management of the IP addresses via integrated Nixu IP Address Management (IPAM) suite. more

Nixu DDI Awarded Gold Medal for Its IPv6 Support

The tests, which were carried out by an independent third party approved by the IPv6 Ready Forum, validated the interoperability between Nixu DDI Software Appliance platform and other networking products with IPv6 Ready Gold Certificate. more

Nixu SNS 2.5 Series Gives Fresh Views on DNS

Nixu Software is pleased to announce the release of Nixu Secure Name Server (SNS) 2.5 series. The latest addition to the Nixu DDI family introduces a number of user-friendly features such as out-of-the-box support for DNS views and newly designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) for intuitive user experience. more

IPAM and DHCPv6 Shake Hand in Nixu NameSurfer 7.1 Series

The latest 7.1.1 version introduces a centralized reporting tool for DDI, a number of IPAM enhancements including integration between IPv6 blocks and Nixu DHCP Server instances running in DHCPv6 mode, and a newly designed external authentication mechanism supporting LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS. more

Giving VIP Treatment to IPAM with Nixu NameSurfer Suite 7.0.2

The new High Availability model introduces support for Virtual IP (VIP) address option, providing a simplified alternative to external load balancers running in front of Hot-Standby (HSB) replicated pair of Nixu NameSurfer server instances. more

Asymmetric DHCP Failover Support with Nixu DHCP Server 2.4 Series

The latest addition to Nixu DDI product family introduces new key features such as support for asymmetric DHCP failover, further performance boost, new look and feel and certain IPv6 enhancements. more

Introduction to Nixu Software: End-to-End Software-Based DNS, DHCP, IPAM Solutions for Your Network

Nixu Software delivers DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) software-based solutions that offer the best value in the industry. This translates to virtualizable, dependable and easy-to-use DDI solutions at a reasonable cost coupled with great customer service. With thousands of Nixu DDI server installations in production, our customers are service providers, enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies who view their IP based business infrastructure as a strategic asset. more

Introducing Holistic View to DDI: Nixu NameSurfer Suite 7 Series Ships

Nixu Software has launched a new major release of its flagship DNS, DHCP and IPAM solution, Nixu NameSurfer Suite 7 Series. The latest addition to the long line of industry-firsts introduces an updated look and feel along with a new dashboard module designed to provide a holistic view of the entire DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) platform. more

Nixu Software Participates in World IPv6 Day

Nixu Software is pleased to announce its participation in the World IPv6 Day arranged on June 8 2011. The objective of this event is to promote the use of IPv6 by making all the content at the participating websites available over IPv6. To demonstrate its commitment to IPv6, Nixu Software has decided to make its IPv6-enabled website permanently available as of June 1 2011. more

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