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At Supernova 2009, December 1-3, in San Francisco, CA, we're talking about 'Change' in the Network Age. The past year demonstrated both the promise and the peril of our densely connected world. New strategies are needed for the new economic and social reality. Join the industry's top influencers from business, technology and government to share insights on how networks are becoming the instruments of change in business and society. Register now for a $200 discount off the normal conference price, using priority code "cid09"!

Company Updates

Interview with John Curran of ARIN on the Urgency of IPv6 Transition

In the following video interview by Howard Greenstein, John describes the situation and gives some good business reasons why people should start paying attention to this issue. "You don't want to be left behind on a fixed sized network in an Internet 'backwater'" says Curran. more

Interview With Internet Guru John Patrick

Howard Greenstein discusses the current state, and the future of the Internet in the network age with John Patrick. Patrick is President of Attitude LLC and former vice president of Internet technology at IBM, where he worked for thirty-eight years. more

Ben Scott and Free Press in the Network Age

In this Supernova Hub interview, Ben discusses some of the issues on which Free Press focuses, including Network Neutrality and the National Broadband Strategy. more

Supernova Interview: David Isenberg

Howard Greenstein interviewed David Isenberg at the Personal Democracy Forum 2009. In this interview, David talks about his take on Change Networks, and notes how, without the stupid network of packets, we'd be missing all sorts of innovation. more

Wendy Seltzer Interview: How Law Impacts the Network Age

Wendy Seltzer, a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center, joined Howard Greenstein at the Supernova DC Mixer to discuss a number of subjects relevant to how law impacts the Network Age. She notes how technology innovation has brought control out to the user at the edges of the networks, and how intellectual property rules sometimes can stifle it. more

Jon Peha, Chief Technologist, FCC, on the National Broadband Plan

At the Supernova DC mixer, Howard Greenstein interviewed Dr. Jon Peha, a Carnegie Mellon professor in the Department of Engineering & Public Policy and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. more

Joi Ito Interview: Creative Commons and Intellectual Property

Joi Ito, Chairman of the Creative Commons, describes what Creative Commons is, and how it works. Visiting the Supernova DC Mixer last week, he noted that CC allows creators to license their works with specific freedoms the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination of those things. more

Supernova Interview: JP Rangaswami

JP Rangaswami is the Managing Director of BT Design, a unit of British Telecom. At the 140 Characters Conference in New York last week, Howard Greenstein spoke with JP about how Business and Strategy are changing due to ubiquitous networks and new ways to access data. more