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Brooke Oberwetter joined DC Signal as a communications consultant in October of 2008 after serving as manager of strategic communications at the United States Telecom Association. Prior to joining USTelecom, she was a policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. While at CEI, Brooke appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including programs on FoxNews and NBC. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Seattle Times, San Jose Mercury News, and The Hill, as well as the online sites of Reason magazine, National Review, and The American Spectator.

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No Honor Among Thieves on the Internet

Apple's Wordwide Developers Conference may have just ended, but already, the conference release of Mac's OS X 10.6 — a beta build previewed for developers — has been leaked onto torrent sites. It borders on irony: for years, Mac lovers have touted the superior security of the Mac operating system over Windows, but earlier this year, it was torrent sites — the very sites where OS X 10.6 is now being freely copied — that caused more than 25,000 Mac users to fall victim to the iServices Trojan. Some Macs never learn. more

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No Honor Among Thieves on the Internet