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Sivasubramanian M writes in CircleID as an independent person from India, although he serves as the President of Internet Society India Chennai which is also an ICANN At Large Structure. He is a person who immensely values the fundamental values of the Internet, believes in a well balanced system of Governance in its minimal form, has been actively participating in the key discussions on Internet Governance in various forums including the Internet Governance Caucus.

His interest in the growth and evolution of the Internet stems from an innate desire to contribute very significantly to the world at large on a macro level. In 1991 he was one of the four delegates from India to the one of its kind International Model United Nations organized by the Junior Chambers International and held at the UN General Assembly Hall in New York where he introduced a spiritedly debated draft resolution to strengthen the United Nations.

To gain a depth of knowledge on Internet issues so as to take part in the Internet Governance process with the right understanding, he has gone through the Advance and Research phases of the Diplo Foundation course on Internet Governance. He has gone through the Internet Governance program at the European Summer School on Internet Governance.

He has taken part in at the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of Internet Economy at Seoul, Korea, attended the ICANN At-Large summit in Mexico and took part in over 25 ICANN meetings since 2009, participates in regional and global IGFs and has organized workshops and Dynamic Coalition meetings.  He is a committed participant in ICANN working groups and Internet Governance debates. He attended the Internet Governance Forums at Hyderabad and Egypt. At the 2009 IGF at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, he organized the Workshop on Core Internet Values and the roundtable on Security Vs Civil Liberties as also co-organized a Workshop on Children in the Age of Mobile Access At the 2010 IGF at Vilnius, Lithuania he organized a workshop on International Trade and Internet Governance as also initiated the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values, which had its second meeting at the IGF Kenya where he has also organized a workshop on Intra-staekeholder balance in Internet Governance another on Open Internet Standards as also participated as a panelist in the workshop on Workshop on India's proposal for IGF improvements

He is Proprietor of Nameshop a gTLD applicant seeking to operate .Internet

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