Philip S. Corwin

Philip S. Corwin

Founding Principal of Virtualaw LLC
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Philip S. Corwin is Founding principal of Virtualaw LLC, a Washington, DC law and lobbying firm; he also serves as Of Counsel to Greenberg & Lieberman, a Washington-based firm specializing in intellectual property and domain name matters. With more than thirty years of federal legislative experience, his practice is focused on the dynamically evolving law of electronic commerce and intellectual property. His clients have included the Information Technology Association of America, First Virtual Holdings, PenOp,, CenterSpan Communications, Sharman Networks Limited (Kazaa), the Internet Commerce Association, and Grooveshark. Prior to establishing Virtualaw LLC Mr. Corwin was a partner at Butera & Andrews, a government relations Director at the American Bankers Association, and a member of the United States Senate professional staff. 

Mr. Corwin has been a guest on numerous television and radio public affairs and business programs.  He has also discussed and debated copyright and other legal issues affecting digital media delivery at law and technology conferences, and has lectured on technology-related legislative and regulatory initiatives at such forums as Glasser Legalworks’ E-Commerce Law School and the Practicing Law Institute’s Internet Law Institute, as well as at programs of the American Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar.  In December 2006 he participated as a speaker at a workshop on domain name “tasting” at the Sao Paulo, Brazil meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He is a participant in the activities of ICANN’s Business Constituency.

Mr. Corwin is an active member of several American Bar Association Committees. He served as Chairman of the Business Law Section’s Committee on Legislation and as the Washington Liaison for the Science and Technology Section, and was Legislative Reporter for the Business Law Section's Cyberspace Law Committee.

Mr. Corwin received his B.A. in Government from Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences and his JD from Boston College Law School. He is a member of the Bar in the District of Columbia and Massachusetts, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.


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