Stuart Lawley

Stuart Lawley

Chairman and CEO of ICM Registry
Joined on June 15, 2006
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Stuart Lawley is chairman and CEO of ICM Registry and has developed and successfully managed a number of U.S. and UK businesses in office technology and the Internet. In 2012, ICM Registry launched .XXX, becoming one of the first entities to release a new top level domain.

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Four TLDs to Watch in 2015

The Internet's expansion is well underway. Just three years ago, nearly every web address ended in either .com, .net, .gov, or .edu. Fast forward to today where the number of Internet suffixes, or top-level domains (TLDs), is soon to exceed one thousand. In an instant, the Internet went from overcrowded to potential overexpansion. The question brand owners are asking themselves is -- which TLDs are worth claiming a web address on? And what tools are out there to help monitor domain name registrations in these new TLDs? more

Open Letter to ICANN and the Internet Community

ICM Registry will shortly issue an in-depth response to ICANN's paper outlining "possible process options" for addressing the declaration of the Independent Review Panel regarding .xxx, which is now open for public comment. This letter provides a shorter and more personal perspective on this paper and the six-year process that has led ICM Registry, and ICANN, to this point... more