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Eric Brunner-Williams

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Eric Brunner-Williams wrote XPG/1, now the "Single Unix Specification", and operated SRI's largest network during the SRI-NIC period. He was involved in the International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC) effort to develop concepts for the registration of Internet domain names in a new era of deregulation and self-governance. Mr. Brunner-Williams received his B.A. from Berkeley and did graduate work in mathematics at Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford and UCLA. For most of the 90s and 00's, Eric ran the TribalLaw mailing list. In the June 2007 Cherokee Nation election he ran former Justice Stacy Leeds' campaign's website and his wife Mary Beth wrote the campaign plan. His wife, Mary Beth Williams, a Maine Abenaki, is enrolled at Cornell Law. They have four children. He has been employed by NeuStar, where he wrote portions of the .biz and .us applications and contributed to the specification of EPP, and by CORE. His other application efforts include portions of applications for .org and .net, and he supported the .cat application as its figure head CTO. He has spent a lot of time on IDN work, before there was a DNS, and through the IETF.


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