Daniel Golding

Daniel Golding

VP and Research Director at Tier 1 Research
Joined on October 19, 2004 – United States
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Daniel Golding joined Tier1 Research in April 2006 and currently leads coverage of the Hosting and Internet Infrastructure industries. Daniel also serves as the Conference Director for Tier1's Hosting Transformation Summit event series.

Prior to joining Tier1, Daniel spent three years as a senior industry analyst at the Burton Group, covering enterprise internetworking. Daniel has served as Global Peering Manager at America Online, where he led AOL's efforts to become a core Internet network. Daniel has also held senior engineering and architecture positions at a variety of major Internet service providers.

Daniel has briefed the FCC on Internet policy issues and is a frequent speaker at industry events. He is Chairman of the Global Peering Forum and has served as a member of the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) Program Committee.

Daniel is also an Adjunct Professor of Telecommunications at George Mason University, teaching courses in Internetworking. Daniel holds a BS from Auburn University and an MS from George Mason University, both in engineering.


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