Code Of Conduct

CircleID's purpose is to provide an indispensable platform for the Internet industry professionals worldwide where they come to connect, inform and be informed. Our rules are to ensure all members can participate freely and safely.

  1. Members shall not attack or judge anyone personally.
  2. Members shall avoid obscene, irrelevant, or needless inflammatory remarks.
  3. Members shall respect other fellow members' and strive to be constructive, informative, and original.
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  5. Members shall not violate any copyright or trademark laws.
  6. Members shall not spam other fellow members or employees of CircleID deliberately or otherwise.
  7. Members understand that CircleID is here to serve the professional Internet community and to be an effective platform for matters related to the Internet.
  8. Members understand that CircleID reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate and have violators suspended or removed.